Meet the power couple Vishu and Saumya, one of the best lifestyle, travel, and food bloggers

Meet the power couple Vishu and Saumya, one of the best lifestyle, travel, and food bloggers
Meet the power couple Vishu and Saumya, one of the best lifestyle, travel, and food bloggers

This is the story of a couple who want to inspire thousands of other couples to live happily together and travel the world. Vishu and Saumya are one of the best blogging couples helping the Indian travel community, and they are currently based in the U.S. The award-winning travel couple Vishu and Saumya are inspiring the travel sector through their best blogging and social media influence. 

When the world was being hit by the pandemic, majority of people went through the worst time of their lives. The travel industry also suffered massive losses. While the researchers were trying to find the vaccine for Covid 19, some local businesses and workers in the travel sector were trying to find a new way to turn around their huge losses caused by the pandemic. Everyone in the travel industry, however, is learning to start a new dream with travel bloggers Vishu and Saumya on their RoadtoTaste blogs.
So, let's learn more about why Vishu and Saumya decided to travel the world and start blogging!
The desire to travel, watch movies together, and plan road trips was the first step in this couple's journey. In addition to their full-time jobs, the couple managed to take at least one trip per month after getting married. Thus, in just one year, they had visited numerous incredible tourist destinations such as Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, the Rann of Kutch, Diu, which also included a road trip to Leh Ladakh. After exploring this incredible location, they decided to launch their own blog, RoadtoTaste. While Vishu is fond of writing amazing travel blog posts, Saumya loves clicking pictures of the amazing places they have visited. This makes them the ideal couple to be named the best travel blogger couple of the year. 
A journey of togetherness just made this couple not only travel to amazing places but also have a wonderful married life. This year marks their eighth-year wedding anniversary. Their love story began in 2012, when Saumya was in college and Vishu was working in Bangalore. This was a life-changing experience for both of them because they often met each other in various destinations due to their passion for travel. This has had a significant impact on their relationship because they realized the importance of one another through their shared interest in travel. With their blessed companionship and friendship, they finally tied the knot at their wedding in 2015.

Vishu and Saumya have been in the USA for a little over 3 years now and they have been exploring the country well. They have been to most of the iconic places in the US. From exploring metropolitan cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, they also visited 7 national parks in the US including the Grand Canyon during their stay. Vishu and Saumya also love to explore the happening cities like Las Vegas and Miami and have been on short vacations in areas like Rhode Island, Vermont or Maine. They believe in the mantra that the more you explore, the more you experience and learn about the culture and the society of a country. Next in line is their first Euro Trip to France and Spain which is due this month. 
Best wishes to Vishu and Saumya for the future!