If you use Rupay credit card then know its advantages and disadvantages

If you use RuPay Credit Card for your payments and transactions then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you what advantages and disadvantages you can get with RuPay Credit Card. Along with this, we will tell you how to use your credit card smartly. Let us know about it.

Feb 3, 2024 - 15:22
If you use Rupay credit card then know its advantages and disadvantages
If you use Rupay credit card then know its advantages and disadvantages

The use of credit cards has increased significantly in the last few years. Even though we find it easy to use. But the more you spend through credit cards, the more you fall into the trap of debt. In such a situation, you must use your credit card.

In this situation, using a RuPay Credit Card smartly can give you many benefits. The RuPay credit card was introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Banks can issue RuPay debit and credit cards in partnership with NPCI.

Benefits of RuPay Credit Card:

  • Compared to Visa and MasterCard, the RuPay Credit Card has cheaper transaction fees. This is because banks set transaction fees for international credit card companies in US dollars. RuPay charges fees in rupees because it is an indigenous card.
  • To safeguard consumers against fraud and scams, NPCI has also strengthened the security of this card.
  • Using a RuPay card to make payments or complete transactions is incredibly quick and easy. This is because its servers are situated in India.
  • Because you can easily link it to your UPI, using a RuPay card to make payments with various UPI apps is quite simple.
  • The annual maintenance charge on the RuPay card is also very low, along with this its joining fee is less than Rs 500.
  • You can easily use a RuPay credit card at restaurants, businesses and hotels.

RuPay Credit Card Limits:

  • Due to the limited POM acceptance of the RuPay Credit Card at this time, its use abroad is restricted. However, the Reserve Bank is thinking about introducing the RuPay Prepaid Forex Card to broaden the credit card's acceptance outside of India.
  • Compared to Visa or MasterCard, the credit limits on a RuPay card are lower. Making significant purchases may become difficult in such a circumstance.
  • RuPay card limits vary between banks, so it might take some effort to determine which is the best choice.
Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer