CM Gehlot said - the minister saved the cows dying in agony due to this disease

Lumpy's havoc, permission to buy medicines without tender: CM Gehlot said - the minister saved the cows dying in agony due to this disease

Aug 14, 2022 - 18:48
CM Gehlot said - the minister saved the cows dying in agony due to this disease

To deal with lumpy, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given permission to the collectors to buy medicines without tender. He said that work has to be done to deal with this disease on a war footing. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was speaking in the review meeting on Sunday. Gehlot has called a meeting again on August 15 at 2 pm. In this, all MPs, MLAs, District Heads, Pradhans, Collectors, Divisional Commissioners, Sarpanch, Panch, Ward Panch, Gaushala Operator, Manager, Collector, CEO, Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Raj Officer, Municipal Corporation Mayor, Municipality Chairman, Officers of Bodies, Ministers and officers of related departments like Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Gopalan will join.
Gehlot said- All the district collectors of the state should instruct their departments on the preparation of this VC. Contact the collector in the minister-in-charge districts. The discussion will be held in the meeting regarding the affected districts. If the districts where Lumpi has not spread so far if those districts get affected due to our weakness or negligence, then we will be sad. Gehlot said that we have to take the lumpy disease seriously. Because the whole world and country were involved in Corona. Arrangements were made in the same way. Rajasthan will have to take decisions to deal with this disease.
Gehlot said- Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya told that the cow dies in agony due to this disease. Everyone's sentiment is attached to the cow. The disease has spread to 20 states. Rajasthan did not lag behind in dealing with it. Gehlot described 16 districts as affected by Lumpi. He said that Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Churu, Nagaur, Pali, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Sirohi, Jalore, and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan are mainly affected by Lumpi. Some more animals have been found ill in other districts.
These are Jaipur, Ajmer, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Dungarpur, Rajsamand. The joining of Rajsamand should be a matter of concern. Arrangements should be made for an isolation centre, quarantine, and vaccination. If there is a shortage of medicines, then do a personal aid. Talk to the officials. There will be no shortage of resources. Gehlot said that as much importance as the government gave to saving humans in the corona epidemic, the same importance will be given to the government to save animals. Why should any animal die from disease? Everyone has a role to play in preventing the spread of this disease. Whatever decisions have to be made, I will do. You can buy medicines without tenderness. It is exempted. Akhil Arora will soon issue the circular. How to work on a war footing. It is to be seen.
In the live review meeting of the CM, Bikaner District Collector Bhagwati Prasad Kalal was reprimanded by Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria. When Minister Govindram Meghwal told the Chief Minister that there is a problem in the field firing range in Bikaner. Animals go to the firing range more. More animals have died there. The hospital is also requested to meet the military personnel to bury the dead animals, so the rest of the animals will be less affected by the disease. But there is a shortage of staff in Poogal, Khajuwala, and Chhatargarh areas. Even today I am in Google. Fill the shortage of staff and there is a need to increase the teams. The people of Chhatargarh village were saying that the team has not reached there yet. Send collector and animal husbandry officer team. 1300-1400 animals have died in the Bikaner district.
On this, the Bikaner collector told that the field firing range is in Lunkaransar. So far 261 animals have died there. From 4 districts of Nagaur, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, and Churu, cattle rearers leave there to graze. There is a big area. For the disposal of the dead animals, the VDO has been asked to dig a one-and-a-half meter pit and dispose of it by adding lime salt. Disposing of new dead cows and old dead cows lying on the side of the road. 6 mobile teams working. Staff issue. There are 10 LSAs (Livestock Assistants) sitting in the Additional Director's office. Will get it free tomorrow and give it there.
Minister Lalchand Kataria reprimanded the collector and said – I had said in the meeting yesterday that those 10 LSAs (Livestock Assistants) are sitting in the office. Release them on the same day and send them to the field. On this, the Collector said – The Additional Director has not reported yet. So the minister said – there is a shortage of staff in the field, so it should have been sent immediately, and the matter was done. The collector again clarified and said that there is an additional director. Haven't reported yet. I will report by tomorrow. Minister Kataria said- Take action against the Additional Directors who have not done this work. When it was said the day after tomorrow, this work should have been done at that time. What are they doing sitting in the office? send them off On this the collector stopped speaking.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer