Grand welcome of Drisha Acharya in Deol family after marriage, Sunny Deol wrote love note for 'daughter'

Karan-Drisha Wedding: There was a lot of discussion these days regarding the marriage of Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol. His pictures from the wedding to the reception were well-liked on social media. Now Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol have welcomed daughter-in-law Drisha in a sweet way.

Jun 19, 2023 - 13:05
Grand welcome of Drisha Acharya in Deol family after marriage, Sunny Deol wrote love note for 'daughter'

Sunny Deol's elder son Karan got married to Drisha Acharya on 18th June. In this marriage completed by Punjabi customs, Dharmendra danced his feet fiercely. Wedding videos are creating a lot of buzz on social media. The entire Deol family enjoyed a lot at Karan-Drisha's wedding.
From wedding to reception, every function was organized with great pomp and show. The pictures and videos coming one after the other are getting a lot of love from the fans. After the reception party was over, Father Sunny Deol and Uncle Bobby Deol shared pictures of the son and daughter-in-law and wrote a love-filled post. There couldn't have been a better grand welcome for Drisha Acharya.
Sunny Deol welcomes Drisha Acharya to the family in a beautiful way. He wrote on social media, 'Today I got a beautiful daughter. Bless you, my children. God bless. Sunny has shared pictures of Drisha and Karan from the mandap, in which both are seen laughing and smiling. Many people have congratulated him on this photo.
Uncle Bobby Deol also welcomed Karan and Drisha to the family in his own style. He shared a beautiful post for Drisha, 'Now our family is blessed to have a daughter...God bless you both.' Many stars including Ranveer Singh, and Poonam Dhillon have congratulated him on this post.
In the photo shared by Bobby, he is seen with his wife Tanya and son Aryaman along with the newlywed couple. Their love is visible in the pictures.
Karan and Drisha are said to be childhood friends. His wedding saw a gathering of some stars from Bollywood. Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Kapil Sharma attended Karan-Drisha's wedding. The wedding functions started on June 12. The entire Deol family was present during the marriage. From Sunny Deol's two sisters to brother Bobby and Abhay's family also stayed together.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer