Controversy over Vande Bharat before commencement

Controversy over Vande Bharat before commencement: Demonstration of railway employees in Jaipur on the deployment of staff in a train, demand for staffing of Jaipur division

Apr 5, 2023 - 19:46
Controversy over Vande Bharat before commencement

The commercial run of Rajasthan's first Vande Bharat train has not even started yet and even before that, the controversy started. Employees staged a demonstration demanding ticket checking, loco pilots and other staff, including guards, from the Jaipur division in train operations. The employees' organization also took out a rally regarding this at Jaipur divisional headquarters and submitted a memorandum to DRM Jaipur.
The divisional president of the union, K.S. Ahlawat and Divisional Minister Mukesh Chaturvedi argue that the total run of the train is 443 km. Out of this, 354 km from Madar to Rewari belongs to the Jaipur division. Despite this, the work of the crew to ticket checking in the train is not being given to Jaipur. More than 150 TTEs and railway personnel, including CTIs Ram Niwas Chowdhary, and Sandeep Janu, involved in the demonstration, gheraoed the DRM office and submitted a memorandum to the DRM, demanding that the working of the train be given to the Jaipur division. Along with this, he warned that if the working Jaipur division is not found, then the train will not be allowed to operate.
UPRMS Spokesperson Anil Chaudhary and Divisional President Saurabh Dixit told that till now the work of ticket checking in the Jaipur-Asarwa train is being done by the Ahmedabad division only. While last month Principal CCM Archana Srivastava assured that the ticket-checking staff in the train will run from the Jaipur division only. But till now no action has been taken on this. In such a situation, this promise is against it.
The administration will have to bear the consequences of this misbehaviour with the employees. On the other hand, UPRMS spokesperson Anil Chowdhary said – Mandal President Saurabh Dixit has written a letter to DRM Narendra demanding that this misbehaviour with the employees of Jaipur Mandal will not be tolerated. It is noteworthy that the local public representatives have also protested before the Railway Minister to take the Vande Bharat train to Ajmer.
Union's GLO President Subhash Pareek said- Earlier, the ticket-checking staff in Rajdhani Express operated across the country used to run from the Delhi division only. After this, when AIRF General Secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra and Assistant General Secretary Mukesh Mathur opposed it, the Railway Board made a rule that the train in which primary maintenance would be done by the division. In that, the ticket-checking staff will also be from the same circle.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer