Checking done for titanium in Samsung S24 Ultra, know why there is so much discussion

Titanium has been used in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, due to which it has been in the news a lot. But now the question is whether there is so much titanium in this device that it can be called a topic of discussion. As we know titanium is quite expensive and this time the prices of Ultra have also increased. Let us know about it.

Feb 7, 2024 - 15:42
Checking done for titanium in Samsung S24 Ultra, know why there is so much discussion
Checking done for titanium in Samsung S24 Ultra, know why there is so much discussion

Samsung only introduced its premium series, the Samsung Galaxy S24, which includes three models, last month. While each model in this series is unique in and of itself, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra model has gained a lot of popularity due to the extensive discourse it has generated regarding the use of titanium. When the phone is disassembled, it becomes clear how much titanium is present and why it is deserving of its enormous appeal.

This year, the company hasn't significantly altered the design. It has undergone a few small modifications, such as a titanium frame. Since titanium is significantly stronger and lighter than steel or aluminium, this modification is unique.

Device becomes expensive:

  • Samsung has increased the price of its Ultra devices by $100 this year. But is the reason for this the use of titanium because this metal is also very expensive.
  • However, the company has many such features in this phone, which make it special, especially AI features, which are supported by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.
  • Media reports have revealed that a new video has surfaced, in which people's questions on the presence of titanium in Ultra have been put to rest.

Uses of Titanium:

  • As with most flagship phones, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is seen being disassembled—or rather, broken—in a video that JerryRigEverything uploaded to YouTube.
  • The report stated that the back portion of it is composed of glass rather than titanium. It emits a small amount of heat. On the back panel, there is a sizable camera module and a copper wireless charging coil.
  • This camera module includes a 12 MP ultrawide, 50 MP + 10 MP telephoto, and 200 MP primary shooter.
  • The report also disclosed that the Samsung S24 Ultra has a plastic buffer inside the 2nd-grade titanium rail, rather than using raw titanium stock and grinding it. Under the same battery and with a large vapour chamber, aluminium has been used.
  • Simply put, you will see only titanium and glass in this device, but this has been used at a superficial level. Most of its interior consists of a plastic buffer and an aluminium frame. That is, it is clear that its price would have been higher if it had been made of titanium from the inside also.

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