'America is engaged in destabilizing India', Foreign Ministry gave this statement after Russia's sensational claim

Strategic partner country America is being surrounded by agencies, sometimes on the issue of India's religious freedom and sometimes on allegations of conspiring to murder pro-Khalistan terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. In such a situation, India's old strategic partner country Russia has come openly in support of India. Russia even said that America is trying to destabilize India.

May 9, 2024 - 20:21
'America is engaged in destabilizing India', Foreign Ministry gave this statement after Russia's sensational claim

America, a strategic partner, is encircled by agencies, sometimes regarding religious freedom in India and other times regarding accusations of plotting to kill pro-Khalistan terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. Russia, India's longstanding strategic ally, has publicly backed India in this predicament. Even Russia claimed that America was attempting to undermine India.

Russia said that America had not produced any hard evidence in the Pannu murder conspiracy case. Experts are analyzing these remarks from Russia in light of its strained relations with the United States, but some are also drawing a connection between them and India's assistance to Russia following the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, 'America does not understand India's history and mentality. That is why America is continuously making baseless allegations against India on the issue of religious freedom. The reason for this is that America wants to influence the internal balance in India and is complicating the ongoing general elections there. This is interference in the internal affairs of India.

Regarding accusing India of conspiring to murder pro-Khalistan terrorist Pannu, Zakharova said, 'According to the information we have till now, America has not yet given any concrete evidence to India. There has been no evidence of involvement of any Indian citizen in this. America does not understand the national mentality of India.

India's External Affairs Ministry has commented very carefully on this statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, 'When the US report came, we had put forward our views. We also believe that it is wrong if anyone tries to interfere in our internal affairs.

Pro-Khalistan terrorist Pannu holds dual citizenship in Canada and America and promotes anti-India activities in both countries. Canada has also accused India that its citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar was murdered by Indian agencies. Like Pannu, Nijjar was also a supporter of Khalistan. Recently, news of the arrest of three Indians in connection with this murder has come to light.

Jaiswal also said on Thursday in the context of Canada that it has not provided any evidence regarding the involvement of any Indian in the Nijjar murder case. However, this information has definitely been given to India.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer