After National Award producer Ashok H Choudhary’s ‘Waah Zindagi‘ becomes the most-watched OTT film

After National Award Winning film ‘Turtle’ producer Ashok H Choudhary’s ‘Waah Zindagi‘ becomes the most-watched OTT film of January 2022 grabs third position!

Dec 31, 2022 - 22:35
After National Award producer Ashok H Choudhary’s ‘Waah Zindagi‘  becomes the most-watched OTT film
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‘Waah Zindagi‘ becomes one of the most-watched film on the OTT platform With its Swadeshi concept ,Unique story line ,online videos and dialogue that has gone viral, Waah Zindagi is stepping up the tempo.The movie was made available digitally in 190 countries via Zee5, AND Pictures, and Zee Cinema. A wonderful love tale is featured in the Make In India-inspired movie, which stars Vijay Raaz Sanjay Mishra , Navin Kasturia ,Plabita Borthakur & Manoj Joshi.

The most famous & viral dialogue  from the movie is "Na Harno Jaruri hai, Na Jitno jaruri hai, Zindagi ek khel hai, khelno jaruri hai," which is an expression that indicates that life is only for playing, regardless of success or failure. Similar dialogue to "Karm Karo Fal ki iccha mat karo !" from the Bhagwad Gita. This dialogue captivated the interest of young people and spread like wildfire across the nation, propelling the movie to the third spot after  Atrangi Re – Disney+ Hotstar & Campus Diaries on MX Player on the list of the most-watched January 2022 movies on the OTT platform as per Ormax media survey across major platform in India except south.

Ashok H Choudhary is a National Award-winning film producer who works to transform society in a way that is both enjoyable and promotes peace & harmony throughout the country.The movie Turtle, however, does not require an introduction today! Presently, all the actors and crew members are celebrating one year of successful journey of the film Turtle and Waah Zindagi!

"I'm a farmer's son, so I can relate to their issues because I've had to deal with them myself. I have made movies like Turtle and Waah Zindagi to alter society behaviour. Ashok Choudhary elaborated on this, saying, "Today's youth needs adequate leadership; in the absence of it, they struggle with sadness and are lost. Even suicidal ideas dominate their minds and lead them nowhere. I made the movie "Waah Zindagi" to offer a remedy for this problem. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, a spiritual guru, gave the movie its title.
Speaking of his professional achievements, Ashok Choudhary has created well-known realistic films including, Waah Zindagi, and Turtle,Hey I am A Girl,Soul of India  each of which explores social concerns that are prevalent throughout the world.

He says I took very big risk as a new producer in film industry ,struggled lot but finally I am happy and satisfied with success of film that film has reached  to millions & I am sure in coming time film will reach to billions and will keep inspiring youth. 

The aim of cinema, according to Ashok Choudhary, should be to inspire People , encourage people,give right information to people and entertain people.He also added that I am thankful to my Director Dinesh S.Yadav ,Music director Parag Chhabra & Asso.Producer Pratik chalana Dop yogesh Kohli and entire team .This was not possible without team work.

Director Dinesh S yadav says I already said Waah Zindagi and Turtle is surprise package for audience .

Dinesh Kumar Journalist