White House will not pay for Twitter Blue Tick

White House will not pay for Twitter Blue Tick: American media institutions also denied, employees will have to pay themselves

Apr 3, 2023 - 21:58
White House will not pay for Twitter Blue Tick

The White House will not pay to retain the blue ticks on its Twitter account and the Twitter accounts of its employees. In fact, Twitter had announced that it would start 'ending' the legacy verification program from April 1, but the microblogging site is yet to remove blue ticks from users.
Meanwhile, the White House has said that it will not pay to keep Twitter accounts verified as an organization. Also, will not pay or reimburse employees to keep their Twitter accounts verified. According to the report, the White House has informed its employees about this through mail.
Rob Flaherty, head of the digital strategy at the White House, told staff via mail that it is understandable that Twitter no longer verifies a person through a blue tick, rather the tick now tells that it is a paying user. Is. In such a situation, there is no special importance left in it. Although he has said that employees can take Blue Tick subscription using their personal social media account.
According to the report, several US media organizations including the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times have informed their staff that they will not pay for their blue ticks.
Twitter has announced giving Golden Tick (Verified Check Mark) to organizations in America, for which each organization will have to pay $1,000 (Rs 82,000) every month. Also, now organizations will have to pay an extra charge of $ 50 i.e. about 4 thousand rupees every month for other accounts linked to their Twitter account.
The monthly plan for a Blue subscription for web users in India is Rs 650. At the same time, for this in America, 11 dollars will have to be paid every month.
Twitter launched its updated account verification program in January. Then all verified accounts are divided into three colour categories. These categories include giving gold ticks to companies, gray ticks to the government and blue ticks to common citizens.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer