WhatsApp shared the wrong map of India

WhatsApp shared the wrong map of India: Post removed after Union Minister's warning, said- a such mistake will not happen in future

Jan 1, 2023 - 11:56
WhatsApp shared the wrong map of India

Meta's parent company WhatsApp on Saturday released a wrong map of India on the occasion of New Year. Now the central government has warned about this mistake of WhatsApp. Union IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar asked WhatsApp to rectify its mistake. After the central government's warning, the company apologized and said that such a mistake will not happen in future.
On the occasion of New Year, WhatsApp shared the world map on the occasion of New Year. In this, POK and some parts of China were shown separately from India. However, the company deleted the tweet after the central government's warning.
WhatsApp on Saturday shared live streaming of New Year's Eve on Twitter to wish the new year. The company said that there is no need to wait till midnight to greet the new year. You can watch our live stream on New Year's Eve and decide when to send your New Year's Eve WhatsApp messages. Meanwhile, the map of India was wrongly shown.
After this mistake of the company, the Union Minister tweeted. He said- All the companies that want to do business in India, have to follow the correct map of the country. The minister asked WhatsApp to remove the map as soon as possible. Earlier on December 28, the CEO of Zoom had shared the wrong map of India on his Twitter handle, after which the minister reprimanded him as well.
While replying to the Union Minister, WhatsApp said- Thank you for pointing out our mistake. We have removed this streaming and apologize for the mistake. We will take care of it in future. Let us tell you that last year Twitter also shared the wrong map of India, after which a case was registered against Manish Maheshwari, MD of Twitter India, under section 505 of the IT Act.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer