Swara Bhaskar reached Raipur: Shopping in Pandri Haat, spinning the wheel

Swara Bhaskar reached Raipur: Shopping in Pandri Haat, spinning the wheel; Said - Everything is best in Chhattisgarh

Sep 16, 2022 - 22:18
Swara Bhaskar reached Raipur: Shopping in Pandri Haat, spinning the wheel

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar reached Raipur on Friday. He visited Atmanand School, Pandri Haat. Swara Bhaskar met young children at Atmanand School. Looked at the infrastructure and artwork in the school. After that, he met women of handicraft, Mati Kala and Self Help Groups of Raipur at Pandri Haat. The actress spun a spinning wheel at Pandri Haat, Raipur, and also made an earthen pot on chalk. He also praised the government.
Swara Bhaskar also saw the hand-crafted clothes. Seeing this, she could not stop herself from shopping. She said that she has a friend's birthday and from here she wants to take clothes. Soon after, she bought some stalls and saris. Vivek Acharya, Director, Culture Department, and Gaurav Dwivedi, Advisor to the Government of Chhattisgarh were present on this occasion.
Swara Bhaskar spoke to Dainik Bhaskar Swara Bhaskar had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar. She said- I am always very happy by shopping and it was a good experience to come to Raipur and meet the people here and buy clothes.
Swara Bhaskar said that the government is buying cow dung in Chhattisgarh, this is a great scheme. Work is being done on buying cow urine, but in the rest of the country, there is politics on cow urine. If politics is to be done on cow urine then politics like Chhattisgarh should be done. There should be a government like Chhattisgarh in the country, which is developing infrastructure and villages here and people are putting the tax money to proper use.
When Swara Bhaskar was asked whether Rahul Gandhi seems to be a suitable candidate to become the Prime Minister in the country, Swara Bhaskar said I do not need to feel, the people of India should feel, whatever is better. Yes, and whether he is eligible to become the Prime Minister of the country or not, the people of the country should decide.
Swara Bhaskar's film Jahan Chaar Yaar has been released. In there is a story of four such housewives who are trapped like a common woman in the responsibilities of their family, their children, husband's in-laws. After that go on a trip to Goa. When Swara was asked about what kind of housewife she would become, she said, "First of all, I will get married, when I get it, I will think after that, although I am a very independent girl and I will remain independent."
When asked whether new laws or rules should be made for women, Swara Bhaskar said that there is already a law of equality for all in the country. There are strict laws for subjects like dowry too, but dowry is going well in all societies. When a film comes on such issues, there is definitely a debate and such a film acts as an awareness.
Swara Bhaskar said that the people who boycott the internet are the ones who do not have any work. If you are sitting free, you are just making noise. They should be allowed to make noise, no matter what. The business of the film Brahmastra has proved this.
Swara Bhaskar is seen speaking against the ruling party of the country on many occasions. When asked questions related to this, Swara Bhaskar said that when we speak against the ruling party, there is a problem and I also have to face this problem.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer