Startup company received 3,000 job applications in 48 hours

Startup company received 3,000 job applications in 48 hours: CEO said- the large number of applications is telling the bad condition of the job market

Jul 17, 2023 - 20:45
Startup company received 3,000 job applications in 48 hours

A software start-up called Springworks has received over 3,000 online applications for jobs in 48 hours. Karthik Mandavil, founder and CEO of the start-up, said that they have received over 13,000 applications for different job postings on the company's website. Mandaville shared an update on Twitter, saying that the high number of applications reflects the current poor state of the job market. This post was viewed 1.7 lakh times in a few hours.
Sharing the data of applications received by the company within a few hours, CEO Mandavil said that his company had not advertised the job on any platform. It is only available on our website. On Twitter, a user asked about the role of the vacant positions, to which Mandaville said that the positions of Product, Founders Office, and Software Development Engineers are vacant in the company. For whom remote working people are needed.
After this, a large number of users gave their reactions in reply to the tweet. One user said, 'The numbers go up mainly because of the word 'remote' next to each job option on your list. I am wondering what the numbers would have been if this was an on-site post. Another tweeted, "Unemployment is at its peak, youth are desperate for jobs, even if it has nothing to do with what they studied in college."
According to the company's website, CEO Mandaville is a postgraduate in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University in the US. He started coding at the age of 6 and founded Springworks in 2014.
The unemployment rate had declined sharply since its highest level during the Corona epidemic. According to a report of LPR March-April 2023, the urban unemployment rate is higher than rural. Which explains the increase in the labor participation rate.
According to a report by CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy), India's unemployment rate is set to rise from 7.8% in March 2023 to 8.11% in April, the highest in the last three years, due to a rise in the Labor Participation Rate (LPR). Is.
As per the recently released CMIE data, the labor participation rate rose to 41.98% from 39.77% in March, an increase of 2.55 crore people, taking the total labor force in the country to 46.76 crore in April.

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