Question of the writer of Karnataka, how Shri Ram is an ideal man

The question the writer of Karnataka, how Shri Ram is an ideal man: said- Sita was sent to the forest, there was no concern…Shudra was beheaded

Jan 22, 2023 - 15:06
Question of the writer of Karnataka, how Shri Ram is an ideal man

Retired professor and writer KS Bhagwan have given an objectionable statement regarding Lord Shriram. KS said that he used to send Ram-Sita to the forest, and did not care about them. A Shudra was also beheaded. Then how are they ideal? He was speaking at a program in Mandya, Karnataka on 20 January.
Retired professor KS Bhagwan said, “Shri Ram used to sit with Sita in the afternoon. How can he be ideal?
There is talk of making Ram Rajya. If one reads Uttar Kand of Valmiki's Ramayana, he will come to know that Shri Ram was not ideal. He ruled for 11 years, not 11 thousand years.
BJP leaders of Karnataka are angry about this statement of KS Bhagwan. BJP leader Vivek Reddy has urged the government to take action against the Kannada writer. Vivek said- "This is the most obscene and despicable kind of attack. It shows the poor mentality of KS Bhagwan. He should be socially boycotted. If he had said this in any other country, what would he have seen? India Very tolerant country, but we cannot tolerate insults to our gods. Everything has a limit. I request the government to put them behind bars."
This is not the first time that KS Bhagwan has given a controversial statement regarding Lord Ram. He also claimed in 2019 that Lord Ram used to drink alcohol regularly and that he had given alcohol to Sita as well. He has also written about this in his book 'Ram Mandir Yake Ved'. KS Bhagwan had also written some such words about Ramayana in that book, which was disputed. The matter escalated to such an extent that the government had to put security outside his house.
In 2021, KS Bhagwan was attacked by a female lawyer from Bengaluru. The woman claimed that he was insulting Hinduism, so his face should be blackened. The incident took place in front of police personnel at the City Civil Court, where Bhagwan had gone to seek bail in a separate case. Meanwhile, the state's BJP government removed KS Bhagwan's book Ram Mandir Yeke Beda from government libraries.
Earlier in 2015, Kannada writer KS had given a statement against the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita. He said that he would burn some pages of the Gita. Even then the police had registered a case against the writer for hurting religious sentiments.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer