Bullying of Shiv Sena MLA: Santosh Bangar beats up catering manager

Bullying of Shiv Sena MLA: Santosh Bangar beats up catering manager; Prakash Surve targeted Uddhav faction, said - break the legs, I will see

Aug 16, 2022 - 21:31
Bullying of Shiv Sena MLA: Santosh Bangar beats up catering manager
Bullying of Shiv Sena MLA: Santosh Bangar beats up catering manager

It has been almost one and a half months since the formation of the new government in Maharashtra and the arrogance of the MLAs involved in the government is beginning to be seen. Two MLAs close to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde are seen openly threatening and assaulting.

The first case has come to light from Hingoli in Maharashtra. Here Shiv Sena MLA Santosh Bangar on Monday misbehaved with the catering service manager and slapped him in public. On the other hand, Magthane MLA Prakash Surve, while targeting the Uddhav Thackeray faction, said that in this election, he will show his status, whoever comes in the middle of work, break his hands, if you cannot break his hands, then his legs. Break it, the next day I will bail.
Santosh Bangar had reached here on Monday to see the quality of food being served to labourers in the Hingoli district under the mid-day meal programme. They got angry on seeing the food. This incident of assault was caught on camera.

After Bangar's video went viral, now Congress and Uddhav faction leaders are criticizing him. At the same time, Minister the government Shambhuraj Desai said that it is not right to raise Bangar's hand. He should have complained about the spoiled food and the authorities would have taken strict action against him.
Prakash Surve was speaking at a program in Konkani Pada Vihar on August 14. He further said- If someone does you a favour, then you should do it. No one's misbehaviour will be tolerated. Hit them… Prakash Surve is sitting here. If you can't break your hand, break your leg, the next day I will get bail. Don't worry. We will not fight with anyone, but if someone fights with us, we will not leave them either.

After Surve's statement, former Shiv Sena councillor Udesh Patekar on behalf of the Thackeray faction lodged a complaint at Dahisar police station. Patekar has also given a video clip of Prakash Surve's provocative speech to the police.

Bangar remained in Uddhav Thackeray's camp for a long time after the rebellion of the Shinde faction. He also released a crying video appealing to the MLAs of Shinde's camp, 'They should come back. The atmosphere has deteriorated in Maharashtra and all the MLAs of the Shinde camp should return to the party. Uddhav Thackeray will forgive them.

However, he had joined the Shinde camp minutes before the floor test of the Maharashtra Assembly in July. After this, the Shiv Sena leadership removed Bangar from the post of Hingoli district president. Santosh Bangar has won the 2019 state assembly election from Kalamanuri in Hingoli.

The Maha Vikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra fell after the revolt in June. After this, the Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party government was formed in the state, in which Shinde was made the Chief Minister. Whereas, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis became the Deputy Chief Minister. Recently there has been a cabinet expansion in the Shinde government. At the same time, portfolios have been allotted to ministers on Saturday.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer