Overloaded mafia active, getting vehicles crossed the border by taking money

Permanent Point closed: Overloaded mafia active, getting vehicles crossed the border by taking money

Oct 18, 2022 - 09:13
Overloaded mafia active, getting vehicles crossed the border by taking money

Overloaded Mafia Girah has become active on the border with UP, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana after the closure of the permanent points made for checking vehicles on the state border in the Transport Department. This village is getting the vehicles crossed the border by making illegal recoveries in the name of the RTO Inspector. People of Gireh are assaulting, and beating up RTO inspectors for taking action on recovery vehicles.
At the same time, due to the non-availability of permanent points, regular checking of vehicles is not being done. Due to this, there is also a loss of revenue for the transport department. At the same time, after the activation of such falls, the problem of checking vehicles has arisen in front of the transport inspectors. Not only this, five days ago in Dholpur, such a gang attacked the RTO flying squad, looted the challan amount and tore the receipt book. The incident took place near Sagarpara police station. Similar cases have also been reported at Shahjahanpur and Nimbahera border. The employees of the flying squad have registered an FIR against some people.
In Dhaulpur, there is a border of UP on one side and MP on the other. Vehicles coming from MP were earlier checked at Sagarpara Permanent Point. Now the checking of vehicles has been stopped here. 500 meters ahead of Sagarpara Point, the overbridge then comes to the water works area with a densely populated area. There are three different routes from here. After this, there is a population area of up to 22 km. Due to this, vehicles are not being checked in the 22 km area. At the same time, the investigation of vehicles coming from UP used to be made earlier, but now it has stopped. A densely populated area comes 400 meters ahead of Baretha. As soon as the population is over, vehicles leave Agra, Karaili and Bharatpur from the chauraha. Beyond this again comes the densely populated area. Due to this, the inspection of vehicles is getting affected. Similarly, after the Ratanpur border, the hilly area comes. It is not possible to check vehicles here. When they investigate the highway in Nimbahera, the politicians are harassing the inspectors.
Due to the permanent point made for checking vehicles on the state border, the department used to get revenue of about 300 crores every year. Now it has come down to 50 crores. The revenue of Dholpur is reduced to one-third. 92 lakh revenue used to come every month on getting points for checking vehicles, now it has come down to Rs 27 lakh.
In the meeting of the Transport Inspectors Association this month, the inspectors raised the demand for a permanent point for checking vehicles in the state. A memorandum has also been given to the Transport Commissioner in this regard, but the hearing has not yet taken place. Because of this, there is resentment among the inspectors towards the higher officers.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer