Know the difference between ABS and non-ABS bike, what provides safety, know everything

ABS And Non-ABS Bike: To make the bikes safe, many types of safety features are being provided by two-wheeler manufacturers. One of these safety features is ABS which is offered in bikes. What is the difference between ABS and Non ABS bikes and which of these features provides more safety? Let us know.

Mar 9, 2024 - 12:20
Know the difference between ABS and non-ABS bike, what provides safety, know everything

A large number of road accidents occur in India. Out of which most of the accidents happen with two-wheelers. In such a situation, many steps have been taken by the companies to make the bikes safe. Safety features like ABS are also provided in such bikes. In this news, we are telling you what is the difference between ABS and ABS bikes. Which of these provides more safety while riding a bike?

ABS is also called an anti-lock braking system. The main difference between ABS & Non-ABS bikes is that the bikes that come with ABS provide more and better control as compared to non-ABS bikes. The danger increases when you apply sharp brakes in any weather, but in bikes with ABS, this danger reduces considerably. According to some reports, vehicles with ABS have 35 per cent more accidents than those without ABS. There is no difference in the engine in the bikes that come with this feature.

Bikes with ABS do not slip when stopped by applying sharp brakes as compared to bikes without ABS. In bikes with ABS, the driver has complete control. Apart from this, when brakes are applied hard, the wheels do not lock completely and the bike stops easily without changing direction.

To prepare the ABS in a bike, many parts must work together. In an ABS bike, the speed sensor, ECU and hydraulic control unit work together and help in keeping the bike safe. Once the brakes are applied, the information goes to the ECU in a very short time. From there it is decided how fast the brakes are to be applied on which wheel of the bike. After which brakes are applied on the bike by brake distribution.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer