Couple put a QR code on the tomb of the doctor's son

The couple put a QR code on the tomb of the doctor's son: people will be able to know about his works as soon as they are scanned

Mar 22, 2023 - 23:02
Couple put a QR code on the tomb of the doctor's son

A tomb in a Thrissur church has a QR code on it. This tomb belongs to a doctor who died at the age of only 26 years. Videos and photos of the doctor's creative work start appearing as soon as the QR code is scanned. The family found this method to tell the son's deeds to the world. This tomb belongs to Dr. Evin Francis. His parents have put a QR code on the son's grave at St. Joseph's Church in Kuriachira. The QR code linked to a web page that included videos and photos of all of Evin's work.
Dr. Evin's father Francis was an officer in a private company in Oman. His mother Leena was the principal of the Indian School in Oman. Evin was passionate about music and sports. Along with his doctoral studies, he used to take time out for his passion. Due to his programmes, he was popular among the Indian community.
In 2021, Evin fell and died while playing badminton.
His parents now live in Thrissur, Kerala. His father Francis told that we wanted the son's life to be an inspiration to all. That's why we put a QR code on his grave here.
Evin himself had created profiles of many people using QR codes. So his parents decided to do the same. Remembering the son, the father said, he used to send me many QR codes for information. I used to download the information which was useful to me by scanning the QR code.
He said that I talked at home and that to tell people something about Evin, they get something written on his tomb. Then daughter Evelyn said that writing something about Evin on the grave would not be enough. He gave the idea of installing a QR code. Everyone agreed on this. So we decided to create a QR code linked to the son's profile and put it on his grave, so people who scan the code would know who he was and what he could do. The daughter made a web page and QR code in 10 days.
The father said that when the daughter asked if the QR code could be printed on the marble tomb, he asked the builder about it. He said that the QR code can be printed on the tomb. In this way, the QR code was put on the grave.
Francis said that on scanning the QR code, information about son Evin's photo, his program in college, and his friends are available. Along with this, programs for playing synthesizer and guitar can also be seen in the video.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer