Amit Shah's security lapse in Hyderabad

Amit Shah's security lapse in Hyderabad: TRS leader put the car in front of the Home Minister's convoy, then said – it was stopped by mistake

Sep 17, 2022 - 20:29
Amit Shah's security lapse in Hyderabad

There has been a lapse in the security of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The TRS leader parked his car in front of his convoy in Hyderabad on Saturday. However, it was immediately removed by the Home Minister's security personnel. The TRS leader has been identified as Gosula Srinivas.
After the incident, Srinivas said that the car suddenly stopped in front of the convoy. By the time I could understand something, the Home Minister's security personnel ransacked it. I will meet the police officer and ask him to take action.
This is the second case of the security lapse of Amit Shah within 13 days. Earlier on September 4-5, during his visit to Maharashtra, there was a lapse in Shah's security. During Shah's visit to Mumbai, a suspect walked around him for several hours. When the officers got suspicious, they informed the police. The police arrested him within 2-3 hours.
Amit Shah is on a Telangana tour to participate in the Hyderabad Liberation Day. He addressed the rally at Secunderabad Army Ground on the first day. While targeting TRS, Shah said – India got independence in 1947, but Hyderabad is still ruled by the Nizams.
After Shah became the Home Minister in 2019, his security arrangements were increased. Shah was also given the cover of the briefcase ballistic shield along with Z+ security. It is a portable bulletproof shield or portable fold-out ballistic shield, which can be opened during an attack. Under Z+ security, Shah is accompanied by 24 to 30 commandos at all times.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer