AC 3-tier economy travel by train is cheaper from today

AC 3-tier economy travel by train is cheaper from today: Indian Railways reduced the fare, and sheets and blankets will continue to be available as before

Mar 22, 2023 - 20:11
AC 3-tier economy travel by train is cheaper from today

Railways have reduced the AC 3-tier economy class fare by implementing the old system today. Now a passenger will have to pay Rs 60-70 less in economy class as compared to the AC-3 tier. Railways introduced the AC-3 economy coach in September 2021 to provide cheap AC travel service, but due to the merger of AC 3-tier economy and AC 3-tier in November 2022, the fare of both classes became equal.
Issuing the order of the railway, it was said that the passengers who have already booked online or offline tickets for the date beyond today will be refunded the money according to the new rates. However, passengers who have booked tickets offline through the counter will have to visit the booking counter again with their tickets to get back the balance amount.
When the Railways introduced the AC-3 economy coach, passengers were not provided with sheets and blankets, but after merging this class with AC-3, the fare was made equal. Due to this, sheets and blankets were also given in AC-3 economy coaches. Now the Railways have re-implemented the old system, but the system of providing sheets and blankets has not been withdrawn.
According to railway officials, the normal third AC coach has 72 berths (seats), while the AC-3 economy coach has 80 berths. This happens because the width of the berth in the AC economy coach is slightly less as compared to the normal third AC coach.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer