19 lakh people will get wheat ration, the state government will pay the expenses

Food Security Scheme: 19 lakh people will get wheat ration, the state government will pay the expenses, and a new category will be formed for 5 lakhs

Aug 31, 2022 - 08:05
19 lakh people will get wheat ration, the state government will pay the expenses

The state government will now create a new category to add new names to the food security scheme. As such people will be included who have gotten financial help from the government in Karena. However, its decision will be taken at the CM level. The state government had announced in the budget to give wheat by adding 10 lakh new people to the scheme, but when the application portal was opened, 19.57 lakh people applied.
According to the information, according to the limit fixed by the central government, the state government can bring only 15 lakh people. In such a situation, now a new category will be created for about 5 lakh people. At the same time, according to the information, its expenses will also be borne by the state government.
For adding new names, 19,57,993 applications were received in 32 categories. i.e. applications are close to double. It has been 3 months since the portal was closed, but due to no final decision yet, the applications have not even been scrutinized. According to the information, its file was sent to the Finance Department, it has come back. At present, there is a limit of giving wheat to 4.46 crore people in Rajasthan, out of which about 4.26 crore wheat is being given.
The government is preparing to add new people to the food security scheme. On the other hand, so far 64 lakh people in the state have been left out of the food security scheme. So far, about 83 thousand government employees have also been removed. There are also 1.97 lakh people who have voluntarily removed their names. According to the information, people having four-wheelers can also be checked in this.
32 categories were prescribed for the inclusion of names in the food security scheme. More than 85 percent of the applicants are from rural areas. Most of the forms in rural areas have come from the small farmer category. Talking about the urban area, there are maximum workers. 65184 in Ajmer, 86979 in Alwar, 40723 in Banswara, 28276 in Baran, 112572 in Barmer, 85294 in Bharatpur, 84148 in Bhilwara, 75026 in Bikaner, 41842 in Bundi.
A category can also be created for the people to whom the state government has provided financial help during the Karena period. We want to give wheat to all the applications that have come. Because he is needy, that's why he has applied. Decisions will be taken at the CM level.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer