Vistara's crisis may end soon, pilots complain - falling ill due to extreme fatigue

Vistara: Pilots say they have reached the limit of maximum flight duty and are increasingly falling ill due to fatigue.

Apr 4, 2024 - 13:41
Vistara's crisis may end soon, pilots complain - falling ill due to extreme fatigue

Vistara Airlines' crisis may end soon. According to media reports, airlines' flights may also become normal by the end of this week. Vistara Airlines itself has indicated this. Vistara Airlines is facing a shortage of pilots and due to this, a large number of Vistara Airlines flights have either been cancelled or delayed in recent times. Due to this, passengers have to face a lot of trouble.

Pilot fatigue at Vistara Airlines has been a source of complaint, and this directly affects safety. Pilots report that their fatigue is causing them to become sick quickly and that they have reached their maximum flight duty limit. Numerous Vistara Airlines pilots are reportedly unwell. Simultaneously, many people are against the pay structure that resulted from the merger of Vistara with Air India because they are unhappy with it. Flying has tired everyone, say the pilots. Although everyone was expecting some relief from the new flight duty time limitation rules, it does not appear to be happening just yet. Another grievance voiced by pilots is that software is now used by airlines more than pilots. Pilots are complaining of fatigue and the company is relying on the Boeing Alertness Model.

DGCA is also keeping an eye on this entire matter. This is the reason why DGCA had sought answers from Vistara Airlines on the cancellation of a large number of flights. Also, given the opposition from the pilots, DGCA has currently put a stop to the implementation of the new flight duty time limitation rules and has asked for further discussion on them. The new rules were to come into effect from June 1.

Vistara Airlines CEO Vinod Kanan and several other top officials held a virtual meeting with pilots and other staff on Wednesday evening. The issue of the new contract and roster was discussed in this meeting. In media reports, company sources have been quoted as saying that after the meeting, the pilots are also ready for cooperation. The merger of Vistara Airlines with Air India is expected to happen by May.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer