Muslim leader in Kerala told gender-neutral policy wrong

Muslim leader in Kerala told gender-neutral policy wrong: PMA salutes, it is dangerous for boys and girls to sit together in schools

Aug 20, 2022 - 09:14
Muslim leader in Kerala told gender-neutral policy wrong

Muslim leader PMA Salaam in Kerala has called it dangerous for boys and girls to sit together in schools. Salam is the general secretary-in-charge of the Kerala Indian Union Muslim League. This statement came when the state government is trying to implement a gender-neutral education system.
Criticizing the gender-neutral education system, PMA Salam said that the government's efforts are dangerous. Why do boys and girls need to sit together in classes? Why are you forcing them through this system or creating such opportunities? This will only cause problems. Students will not feel like studying and they will be distracted.
He further said that gender neutrality is not a religious issue but a moral issue. The government is trying to impose gender neutrality on the students. This system will mislead the students. The government should take it back.
The Kerala State Child Rights Commission issued an order regarding schools on 22 July. In this, it was talked about implementing a gender-neutral education system. The order asked for the abolition of girls' and boys' schools from the 2023-24 academic year. The commission had said that all these schools should be converted into co-ed.
The Child Rights Commission had also asked the Principal Secretary, General Education Department, the Director of General Education and the Director of SCERT to prepare a plan to implement the order. These officers were also asked to make several improvements including toilets in those schools which would be converted into co-eds.
The commission has also stressed the need to change the mindset of the parents. He said that the parents who are under the impression that studying with boys will spoil the discipline of the schools and end in the independence of the girls should be told about the benefits of mixed education in a scientific manner. School authorities and PTA should take the initiative for this.
General Education Minister V Shivankutty had also said that it is the government's policy to convert special schools into co-eds. On 4 July he told the assembly that 11 special schools had been converted into co-eds after the Pinarayi ministry came to power. He said that if more schools come forward in this matter, they will be replaced.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer