Keeping arms will be easier for Israelis

It will be easier for Israelis to keep arms: Netanyahu took a big decision after the Palestinian attack on the place of worship

Jan 29, 2023 - 20:30
Keeping arms will be easier for Israelis

On January 27, there was indiscriminate firing near a place of worship in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem. In this, 7 people died and 10 people were injured. After this attack, the Netanyahu government has taken a big decision regarding the safety of the people of Israel.
Under this, the laws related to keeping arms in Israel will now be relaxed. So that more and more people can keep weapons with them. The government announced this late on Saturday night.
Netanyahu has promised the people of Israel that he will make it easier to get permission to keep guns. Also, those who have illegal weapons will be taken away from them as soon as possible. Netanyahu warned that anyone who harms the people of Israel will not be spared.
However, Aljazeera's report claimed that violence could increase further after the relaxation of gun laws. Marwan Bishara, a senior political analyst, said that on the one hand, while Netanyahu has appealed to the people not to take law and order into their hands after the attack, he has also relaxed the laws to keep arms. This will make the situation worse. National Security Minister Ben-Gvir is said to be behind the decision to relax gun laws.
In 2015 and 2016, Palestinian fighters found new ways to attack Israelis. They used to attack people with knives while walking on the road, and sometimes they used to hit them with vehicles. Attacks like this were called Palestinian Wolf Attacks.
After this, many people pressured the Israeli government to reform gun laws, so that more Israeli Jews could keep weapons to protect themselves from attacks by Palestinians. After in 2018, the Israeli government decided that it would allow 5 lakh people to keep guns.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer