Jio-Star's Rivalry Changed Broadcasting Industry

Jio-Star's Rivalry Changed Broadcasting Industry: Use of New Technology to Provide Best Service, Viewers in Benefit

Apr 25, 2023 - 11:18
Jio-Star's Rivalry Changed Broadcasting Industry

The ongoing TV and digital rivalry over the telecast of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have changed the broadcasting industry. For the first time, IPL is being broadcast free of cost on private channels. And digital broadcaster Jio Cinema is also showing the match for free in 4-K picture quality.
On Jio Cinema, viewers can watch the match from a bird's eye view, wicket-mounted cameras or batsman-facing cameras in addition to the normal telecast. There is also an option to view real-time highlights. To compete with it, Star Network has brought mobile features to TV. Spectators can view stats, and replays of any ball at their own discretion using the TV remote.
Recently, Star also launched Hologram technology. In this, Steve Smith, despite being in his country, appeared in Star's studio in the pre-match show. Star's Hindi commentator Deep Das Gupta said he wanted to meet Steve Smith after the show on TV.
When he asked the team, it was found that Smith was in Sydney. He was connected to the studio only through hologram technology. During that, Smith also hugged teammate Aaron Finch, which seemed absolutely genuine. According to the channel, this technology has been used for the first time in India.
Jio, which is broadcasting IPL for the first time, has started commentary in 12 languages. The result has been recorded viewership. Jio has added 100 million new viewers. The digital viewership of the CSK-RCB match stood at 2.4 crores, the highest ever for an IPL match.
Star is also showing IPL on 22 channels in 10 languages. According to official data, TV viewership has increased by 23% and ratings by 29% from last year. 14 crore people watched 870 crore minutes on the opening match TV.
According to the information, both companies approached more than 550 brands for the advertisement. This is almost double from last year. Then Star approached about 250 companies. According to experts, this time the ad revenue is expected to be more than 5 thousand crores.
According to reports, Jio has set an earning target of Rs 3,700 crore, out of which deals worth Rs 2,700 crore have already been done. At the same time, the deal worth about Rs 3000 crores with Star was also settled before the start of the season. In this season, channels are charging Rs 14-16 lakh per 10 seconds of advertisement.
Viacom-18 is selling its digital streaming app Jio Cinema on the basis of features. While Star is targeting the "Stadium Wali Feeling" on TV, Star has roped in stars like Kohli, Hardik, Rahul, and Jadeja for TV promotions.
While Jio has made Dhoni, Sachin, and Surya brand ambassadors. At the same time, Rohit Sharma has also left Star in the middle of the season and joined Jio. Companies are also resorting to paid posts from social media personalities. The cost of one post can be up to 4-5 thousand.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer