Doctor's dead body found in a car parked in Jaipu

Doctor's dead body found in a car parked in Jaipur: Scorching marks found on the body, the officer said - died of heart attack

May 30, 2023 - 18:43
Doctor's dead body found in a car parked in Jaipu

The dead body of a doctor was found lying in a parked car in Jaipur on Monday afternoon. People broke the glass and took out the dead body. Shivdaspura police station has collected evidence with the help of the City FSL team. Scorching marks have been found on the body of the deceased doctor. The police handed over the dead body to the relatives after getting the postmortem done on Tuesday morning. Police prima facie believe that the doctor died due to a heart attack.
SHO (Shivdaspura) Omprakash Matwa said – The deceased Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma (43) was originally a resident of Bamanwas Sawai Madhopur. His family lives in Vatika, Shivdaspura, Jaipur. He was an ENT specialist at Government District Hospital Lalsot. From January-2021, he was serving in the hospital by living in a rented house in Lalsot New Colony. After being discharged from the hospital, Dr. Naresh used to visit his family in Jaipur. After doing night duty on Saturday night, came to Jaipur on Sunday with an off. On Monday morning around 10 am, he had gone for some work with a car.
Around 2:30 pm, people around saw Dr. Naresh lying unconscious in a parked car. By ringing the doorbell of the house, the relatives were told about Dr. Naresh lying unconscious due to the cause. The relatives came running to take care of the king. The windows of the locked car were completely closed from the inside. In the closed car, Naresh was lying on the seat next to the driver. The relatives broke the rear glass of the car and took care of them. Dr. Naresh was taken out after opening the lock of the car. After which the family members immediately reached the private hospital by taking them in the same car. Where the doctors declared Dr. Naresh dead.
SHO (Shivdaspura) Omprakash Matwa told that evidence has been collected with the help of the City FSL team. Police got the postmortem done at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and handed over the dead body to the relatives.
City FSL head Abhay Pratap said – the Prima facie investigation has revealed that Dr. Naresh died of a heart attack. His body was lying in the car for about one and a half hours. Due to the high heat in a closed car parked in the sun, the body started decomposing. Due to giving CPR in the hospital, there were scorch marks on the body when the skin was lifted.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer