Kidnapping and robbing a businessman in Jaipur; Hostage and assault in a moving car

Kidnapping and robbing a businessman in Jaipur: Hostage and assault in a moving car, stripped off and made a nude video

May 30, 2023 - 19:28
Kidnapping and robbing a businessman in Jaipur; Hostage and assault in a moving car

A case of kidnapping and looting of a businessman from Maharashtra has come to light in Jaipur. The miscreants beat up the businessman in a moving car after taking him, hostage. Threatening to kill, demanded Rs 15 lakh. When the location tracking was detected, she took off her clothes and made a nude video of herself. Threatening to make the video viral on the police complaint, they left him and fled. The aggrieved businessman lodged a report at Muhana police station on Monday.
SHO (Effusion) Dilip Singh said that Lekh Prajwal Mithwala (33), a resident of Aurangabad Maharashtra, has lodged the report. He came to Jaipur on May 13 for business. After coming to Jaipur, stayed in hotels located on Sikar Road, Jawahar Circle, and the Muhana area. On May 26, stayed at Hotel Green Olive, located on ISKCON Road, Mansarovar. Around 12:30 in the night, three boys from near the hotel forced him to sit in a car otherwise. After going some distance, they started fighting in the moving car. Threatened to kill and demanded 15 lakhs.
Due to a lack of money, he was taken to a deserted highway. All the three miscreants beat him up in turn. Again threatened to get money from the family members by sitting in the car. The miscreants also kept his mobile with them. Blindfolded and taken to a plot where there was already a boy. Started fighting here. By opening my mobile, they started groping the bank account. Transferred 3400 rupees from Paytm to any account.
At the same time, seeing the notification of location tracking on the mobile, a miscreant said that its location is being tracked. He immediately took her out of there. Seated in Maruti Swift car. Again kept hitting the moving car in turn. When he searched the bag, he found 40 thousand rupees kept between the clothes, 1.5 thousand rupees kept in the purse, debit cards from two banks, and took a check together.
The four miscreants forcefully made a nude video of the businessman taking off his clothes. Said in the video that I have raped three girls, that too without protection. Threatened to make the video viral by filing a police report. The four miscreants fled leaving him at a deserted place. The police have registered a report and started searching for the miscreants.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer