Advice from 'Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata' made 'Shakuni' popular, Goofy Paintal is thankful for his life

Mahabharat Actor Girija Shankar And Gufi Paintal: Actor Girija Shankar, who plays Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata, has shared an anecdote while working with Gufi Paintal. Goofy Paintal played the character of Shakuni Mama in the show. Girija Shankar told how the actor created the character of Shakuni. Girija Shankar told that Goofy used to have pain in his back.

Jun 26, 2023 - 18:00
Advice from 'Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata' made 'Shakuni' popular, Goofy Paintal is thankful for his life

Actor Girija Shankar, who played Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata, has fond memories of Goofy Paintal. The actor shared his memories and during this he also got emotional.
Goofy Paintal, who played Shakuni Mama in the Mahabharata, was ill for a long time. The actor passed away on 5 June. After the actor's departure, many interesting stories related to him were heard. At the same time, now Girija Shankar has also shared an anecdote.
Girija Shankar recalled the moments spent with Goofy Paintal in an interview with Hindustan Times. He told that both were very good friends. He also told the story behind Shakuni's gait changing in the Mahabharata. Girija said that Shakuni's walk in the show was not planned. At the beginning of the show, Goofy told about the pain in his backbones, which Girija Shankar advised him to take care of.
Girija Shankar said, “He was very worried and conscious about this disease. Often used to talk to me about it. He used to say, 'I don't know what to do, how to do it, I can't walk properly, I can't walk straight, I don't know how I will play this character of Shakuni perfectly.' Was a little worried about this disease.
The actor solved the problem of Goofy Paintal in a different way. Girija Shankar told me what advice he gave. The actor said, “I told him – look, don't be upset. If you are not able to walk straight like Shakuni, then you should make it the signature style of Shakuni, because Shakuni was not a straight-thinking and straight-walking person."
The actor further added, "He is a fictional character and his physical appearance may also be different, which matches Shakuni. Goofy Pantal was overjoyed by the proposal and transformed his discomfort into Shakuni's signature style." Girija Shankar's advice made Goofy's job easier, and the actor thanked him saying, "You saved my life."
Girija is currently working on several projects. He lives in the US but keeps on going to India for a documentary shoot. He told that it will be a documentary made in Punjabi and English language. The actor is currently busy shooting for an English film.

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