Urfi Javed's reaction to BJP leader's allegations

Urfi Javed's reaction to BJP leader's allegations: Said- these people are making me suicidal, I will kill myself

Jan 3, 2023 - 16:57
Urfi Javed's reaction to BJP leader's allegations

Urfi Javed seems to be in trouble. In fact, at the beginning of the new year, a new police complaint has been filed against Urfi. This complaint has been made by Chitra Wagh, State President of BJP Mahila Morcha of Maharashtra. He said in his allegations that Urfi spreads nudity on the streets of Mumbai. Urfi's reaction has now come to the fore on this complaint.
Posting on social media, Urfi wrote, 'This is the same woman, when she was in NCP, she was shouting for the arrest of Sanjay Rathod. Then her husband was caught taking bribes, she joined BJP to save her husband after that Sanjay and Chitra became very good friends. I am also about to join BJP. Then we will be best friends.'
Urfi wrote in the next post, 'I know it is very dangerous to upload anything against politicians, but these people are making me suicidal, so either I will kill myself or I will speak my mind and be punished by them. I will die But let me remind you again that I did not start it. I have never done anything wrong to anyone. They are coming to me without any reason.
Urfi had earlier also shared a photo showing a copy of Chitra Wagh's complaint. Sharing this photo, Urfi wrote in the caption, 'I am very proud of myself.' While sharing another photo, he taunted Chitra and wrote, 'Good job Chitra Wagh.' Along with this, Urfi said that these people are doing this only to attract the attention of the media.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer