Shah said- Article 370 was a temporary provision from the beginning

Shah said- Article 370 was a temporary provision from the beginning: Said- Government abolished it because the country wanted it

May 15, 2023 - 19:19
Shah said- Article 370 was a temporary provision from the beginning

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Monday that Article 370 was a temporary provision from the very beginning. The framers of the Constitution very wisely put it in the Constitution. It was abolished by the BJP government in 2019 because the whole country wants this provision of the constitution to cease to exist. When Article 370 was prepared, it was mentioned that it is temporary.
Shah said this at the inauguration of a training program for legislative drafting in Delhi. Shah said that even the debates of this article were missing from the records.
He said that legislative drafting is neither a science nor an art, it is a skill that has to be applied with soul. There are no fixed rules for this. We will be able to understand the soul of the Constitution only when we have its information. If a law is well drafted then there is no need for any court to clarify any law. If the draft is simple and clear, it will also be easy to educate people about the law.
Shah said when a law is made without clarification, it creates problems. If the law is made simple and clear, there is no need for the judiciary to interfere. The draft for those serving in the Legislative Wing of Parliament and State Legislatures should be reformed. Because the world is changing very fast.
The responsibility of bringing the spirit of the Constitution to the ground rests with the legislative drafters. They should also study that. I could understand the democracy of the country only when I read the discussion of the Constituent Assembly.
He said that no article of the constitution can be temporary, it can be amended. If you read the old constitution even today, it is clearly written in it that Article 370 is a temporary provision.
He said that in this changing world, we have to take the right steps and make laws according to today's needs. If we do not do this then all the efforts will be in vain. He said that the BJP government led by Narendra Modi has made many changes in the laws. We have abolished about 2000 unnecessary laws. Also, we made many new laws.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer