Indian Navy's eye on the movement of the Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5

Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5 reached Sri Lanka:16 to 22 August will be at Hambantota Port; Indian Navy's eye on the movement of the ship

Aug 16, 2022 - 11:27
Indian Navy's eye on the movement of the Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5

Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 5 reached Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka on Tuesday morning. This spy ship will be here from 16 to 22 August. It can easily monitor up to 750 km away. Yuan Wang is capable of tracking 5 satellite and intercontinental missiles.
Earlier this Chinese ship was expected to reach Hambantota on 11 August. In view of the threat of espionage, India had lodged a protest with Sri Lanka regarding this. Actually, the distance from Hambantota Port to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is about 451 km. Despite this, Sri Lanka allowed it to come to Hambantota Port. Now India is on alert regarding this. The Indian Navy is closely monitoring the movement of the ship.
Sri Lanka has confirmed that it has asked China to postpone the visit of the Yuan Wang 5 ship to Hambantota Port. Following this, the Chinese embassy requested the Sri Lankan government to provide the necessary help to dock the ship. On 12 August, the Chinese embassy sent a note to Sri Lanka's foreign ministry. It read that the ship Yuan Wang-5 would arrive at Hambantota Port on 16 August and would remain there until 22 August.
On Sri Lanka's decision to allow, China said that cooperation between China and Sri Lanka has been independently chosen by the two countries and does not target any third party. Beijing also said it was senseless to pressurize Sri Lanka citing security concerns.
Yuan Wang 5 was built in 2007. It is not a military but a powerful tracking ship. They start their movement when China or any other country is doing missile tests. This ship can easily monitor up to 750 kilometres away. This 400-crew ship is equipped with a parabolic tracking antenna and several sensors.
After reaching Hambantota Port, this ship will have access to major military and nuclear bases in South India like Kalpakkam, and Kudankulam. Also, many ports of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will be on the radar of China. Some experts also say that China is sending this ship to Sri Lanka to spy on India's main naval base and nuclear plants.
The Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang-5 has mastered space and satellite tracking. China tracks the launch of satellites, rockets and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) through Yuan Wang class ships.
According to the report of the US Department of Defense, this ship is operated by the Strategic Support Force (SSF) of the PLA. SSF is a theatre command-level organization. It assists the PLA in space, cyber, electronic, information, communication and psychological warfare missions.
The Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang-5 departed from Jiangyin Port on 13 July. China had given a loan of $ 1.5 billion to Sri Lanka for the Hambantota Port. On not paying it, China took this port from Sri Lanka on a 99-year lease.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer