World spent a record 183 lakh crores on defence weapons

The world spent a record 183 lakh crores on defence weapons: this increase is due to the Ukraine-Russia war, China's budget is four times more than that of India

Apr 24, 2023 - 14:26
World spent a record 183 lakh crores on defence weapons

The world has spent $ 2.24 trillion, i.e. Rs 183 lakh crore, on defence and weapons in 2022. This is the highest ever spent on the military in the world. This information on the defence expenditure of countries around the world has been given in the annual report of Sweden's Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
According to the report, this expenditure has increased due to the Russia-Ukraine war. It has been told in the report that only in the continent of Europe, due to the war, the expenditure on defence has increased by 13% in a year. This is the highest in the last 30 years.
SIPRI Senior Researcher Nan Tian said that such a rapid expenditure on the military tells how insecure we are living in the world. Due to the war, the countries surrounding Russia have rapidly increased their expenditure on their security. Finland has increased military expenditure by 36% while Lithuania's expenditure has increased by 27%. While Ukraine's expenditure increased by 6%, more than 36 lakh crores have been spent here in the middle of the war.
China has increased its defence budget by 4.2% amid heightened disputes with the US over Taiwan and the South China Sea. After this, China has become the second largest country in the world to spend on the defence budget. China's budget has become almost 4 times more than that of India. India spent 6 lakh crores on its defence in 2022, while China spent 23 lakh crores.
The report states that Central and Western Europe spent more on the military in 1989 than during the Cold War era. These countries have spent Rs 28 lakh crore on defence. On the other hand, according to SIPRI, America has spent on its defence budget despite record inflation. Which is 39% of the defence budget of the whole world. While inflation in America is at the highest level since 1989.
SIPRI Professor Nan Tian told that if inflation had not increased, America would have spent more on its defence. Tian also said that the war in Ukraine is also the reason for the increase in the US defence budget. In 2022, America has spent one lakh crore rupees to provide military assistance to Ukraine.
Saudi Arabia has increased military spending by 16% in 2022. Which is the highest since 2018. Last year, Saudi has spent 6 lakh crores on its security. At the same time, an increase of 0.9% has also been registered in the defence expenditure of NATO countries. In 2022 NATO countries spent 1232 billion on their security.
Britain has also increased military spending to aid Ukraine amid record inflation. In 2022, Rs 562 crore was spent there.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer