Meta added this special feature to Threads, Indian users were waiting for a long time

Meta had recently introduced Threads which is a text-based social media platform. It was specifically introduced as a rival to Elon Musk's X (formerly Twitter). At the time of its launch, it had 10 million users which dropped by more than half within a month. Currently, the company is introducing a new feature.

Meta added this special feature to Threads, Indian users were waiting for a long time

Well-known tech company Meta introduced its text-based platform X. Now the company is providing the same feature for which users have been waiting for a long time. To improve the advanced user experience, the company has started rolling out a new keyword search in other countries. Let us tell you that this facility is in the testing phase in Australia and New Zealand and now it is coming to India.

As we know Meta has recently added many new features that were supposed to be launched on the platform. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on his official Threads account that the platform will add a search feature for select languages.

Thread users in English and Spanish-speaking countries will now be able to search through posts. Zuckerberg also confirmed that it will soon add search features for more countries and languages. The feature is being rolled out in the US and UK and is also available on the web version of Threads.

Meta first began testing the post-search feature on the platform in Australia and New Zealand in August. Additionally, threads already had a search feature. With this new feature, it allows users to search posts based on specific keywords.

Thread's new post search feature allows users to search posts with the help of keywords. Users can enter keywords and the search results will include posts that match the keyword by clicking on the search option.

The Threads search feature is currently being rolled out gradually. It has been said in media reports that this feature has started appearing for some users. It is likely that this feature will be available to more users in the coming days.