Long waiting for complaints in Jaipur Municipal Corporation

Long waiting for complaints in Jaipur Municipal Corporation: Will have to wait to get the bad road light fixed; Pending more than 3400 complaints

Long waiting for complaints in Jaipur Municipal Corporation
Long waiting for complaints in Jaipur Municipal Corporation

In Jaipur city, if you have to get the bad road light fixed in your locality or street or have to get cleaned in any area, then you will have to wait for a long time for that. The Jaipur city government i.e. Municipal Corporation is failing in its basic task of fixing poor sanitation, road lights and jammed sewerage. This is the reason that every day hundreds of people are registering complaints through the call center here, but they are not being resolved. The situation is that now these complaints have piled up in the municipal corporation like a pile of garbage. Looking at the records of the Municipal Corporation, more than 7 thousand complaints are pending. In this, the maximum 49 percent of complaints are related to improving road lights only.

In order to listen to the grievances of the people and get them settled at home, the Mayor of Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Greater, Mayor Dr. Soumya Gurjar also launched a campaign on June 1, but that campaign also lost its air. Municipal commissioner Mahendra Soni also held a review meeting every Tuesday and decided to review the disposal of the complaints of the people, but that too is not showing any effect. Alam is that the pendency of complaints which should be reduced is increasing day by day.

According to the report received from the Municipal Corporation, a total of 7 thousand 56 complaints are pending till August 8, out of which 3467 complaints are related to maintenance of street lights only. That is, this is the biggest problem for the people right now. During the rainy season, due to poor lighting, the streets and neighbourhoods remain dark, causing problems for the people. Maintenance work of these lights is done at EESL, ESCO and Municipal Corporation level from all 150 wards of Municipal Corporation Greater Area in Jaipur city.

The second biggest problem in Jaipur city these days is door-to-door garbage collection. After LITE, the highest number of complaints are 1365 complaints related to door-to-door garbage collection. It is also true that the city is not being cleaned properly and garbage collection is not happening. There are many such areas where hoppers are coming every 3-4 days for garbage collection. Due to the non-availability of hoppers, people are forcibly throwing garbage on the streets. This is the reason that now garbage open depots have started appearing again in places like before in Jaipur, on which garbage is not being picked up even in 2-3 days. The Jaipur Municipal Corporation spends more than Rs 370 crore on the Greater Sanitation System itself.

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