JEE Mains topper Parth Bhardwaj does not want to do engineering only

JEE Mains topper does not want to do engineering only: Said- my goal is to become IAS, I want to improve many problems of India

Aug 9, 2022 - 09:14
JEE Mains topper Parth Bhardwaj does not want to do engineering only
JEE Third Rank Holder Parth Bhardwaj with Parents and Teachers.

In the JEE Mains result released by the National Testing Agency on Monday, Parth Bhardwaj of Jaipur stood third at the All India Level. Parth has secured 100 percentile marks. 18-year-old Parth has passed 12th from Cambridge Court High School.
Even after topping JEE, engineering is not as much a craze as it is to become an IAS by getting selected in the civil services of UPSC.
Parth said- the goal of life is that many problems of India have to be rectified. For example, there is a need for a lot of improvement in primary education. He said- I have democratized many things, but I like bureaucratization more. There seem to be many other technical problems, which do not suit India's system.
He said that China is also a good example. There is nothing like believing in socialism, it has failed in most countries. Capitalism has worked in most countries, it should work in India too.
Parth told that he has also got an offer of graduation from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Now in graduation, you will choose engineering from computer science or electrical subject. Parth had joined coaching from the sixth grade itself. One of his companions, Sambhav Jain, has become 333rd rank.
Parth said that the way normal students study, I have studied in the same way. Just see what is necessary. Focused on that. My elder brother is a computer engineer, but I have followed only teachers. Parents' support was complete.
My goal is to go to the IAS service by giving UPSC civil exam. The college has not yet been decided for further studies. The idea is to take a computer or electrical engineering. Parth said that along with my studies, I also played football, in which I have a lot of interest.
I keep discussing this with my friends about current affairs too. The tips for the rest of the students are that they should see what to study and what not. If you have read NCERT then you can get full marks in Physics-Chemistry. One has to work hard in maths, there is no other alternative to it. Children should not lie to themselves that I have completed the course in Maths.
Sharing tips with students, said that to crack JEE, NCERT in Physics and Chemistry and coaching for Maths should be followed properly. Parth told that he studied online during the Kovid period. After that, he used to study for 3-4 more hours.
But in those days not much concentration could be created. As he went from online to offline, he kept on increasing his reading a little. Studied 5 to 6 hours daily. Which sometimes went up to 8-9 hours. Parth's favourite subject is Physics.
Parth said that everything in India has coached. If the child follows it properly, then the examination becomes clear. But if you want to do something extraordinary, then you have to think of yourself. On suicide cases due to stress and depression among students preparing for competition in Kota, he said that the coaching system will have to be improved.
India's education system should be like America, Norway or Finland. Because there is a lot of pressure on children in India. 10 lakh children give JEE. Out of that 10 thousand are able to go to good IITs and do good jobs. There is satisfaction for them. Not good for other kids. The ranking system due to which the coaching industry became so big. He should change. The pattern of JEE should also be changed especially in Chemistry.
I had a plan to go into physics research till the 10th. Now finally there was more benefit in going to Administrative Service through UPSC. Parth's father Rakesh Bhardwaj is an inspector in the transport department, currently on deputation in revenue. Mother Shimla Bhardwaj is a housemaker. There is an elder brother who is doing a job after engineering from computer science.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer