Gehlot said - going to make history, such a journey has not happened till now

'Sadhu saints also took rest, Rahul Gandhi walked without getting tired': Gehlot said - going to make history, such a journey has not happened till now

Oct 15, 2022 - 18:46
Gehlot said - going to make history, such a journey has not happened till now

For the first time after the political ruckus in Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached Bellary in Karnataka today and participated in the meeting and visit of Rahul Gandhi. In the meeting of Bellary, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot praised Rahul Gandhi and said – Rahul Gandhi is going to make history in the country. For the first time, I have started such a long journey, it cannot be done without commitment to the country. Sadhus also travel and take rest on the way but Rahul Gandhi is walking 25 km every day without getting tired. It is such a long struggle and a very tough journey. Such a journey has not happened so far. Rahul is worrying about saving the country.
Gehlot said- Rahul Gandhi's message is that there should be a mutual brotherhood among all castes, classes, and religions. Love should be politics of love, there should be no place for violence, and this atmosphere needs to be created. For this Rahul Gandhi has left and the caravan has started. Imagine, out of 3500 km, you have completed 1000 km. The passion and enthusiasm with which Rahul Gandhi is travelling cannot be complete without his commitment to the country. Rahul Gandhi's commitment is to the poor, backward, Dalits, labourers, and farmers of the country. Rahul Gandhi wants the country to be united. The journey started with this message.
Gehlot said – Rahul Gandhi is going to make history in the country. This is the first time such a visit is happening in the country. This journey is about meeting challenges. The country's challenges are fascist forces. He is bent on destroying the country. Democracy is in danger. Inflation is hitting the common man. Rahul Gandhi's message is reaching every nook and corner of the country. No one can say in which direction the country is going and in which direction it will go.
Gehlot said- The country has understood the tricks of the BJP. He had gained power by defaming the UPA government. Neither Lokpal nor black money came. The rights-based era was started by making laws for the first time in the UPA regime. The right to Information Act, Right to Education Act, NREGA, and Food Security Act was given in UPA Raj. Strengthened the country's economy, and brought public welfare schemes. BJP gained power by defaming and polarizing the UPA government.
Gehlot said- It is easy to do politics in the name of religion and caste, but to build the country, thinking like Pandit Nehru is needed. The country stands today on the institutions started by Pandit Nehru. The kind of fabric that the people of BJP are weaving today, the way the atmosphere of tension, violence and communalism has been created in the country, the country will not be able to tolerate it, it will not be able to afford it.
Gehlot said- The people of Karnataka have made history. I remember Indira Gandhi contested from Chikmagalur, at that time we also came in childhood. Sonia Gandhi contested the election from Bellary, remember that time too. This time the Congress government will be formed in Karnataka. The change that will start in Karnataka, this change will happen again throughout the whole country. The impact of Rahul Gandhi's visit will be there, people from all walks of life are joining it in the states where the yatra is going.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer