Manoj Bajpayee Joins the Nand Ghar Movement

• Nand Ghar is a social impact project aimed at transforming lives of 7 cr children and 2 cr women • Launches #KhaanaKhaayaKya movement aimed at ensuring quality nutrition for all children

May 6, 2024 - 16:15
Manoj Bajpayee Joins the Nand Ghar Movement

Nand Ghar, which aims to transform 14 lakh anganwadis across India, unveiled a national movement Agar Bachpan Se Poocha Khaana Khaaya, Toh Desh Ka Kal Banaya (अगर बचपन से पूछा खाना खाया तो देश का कल बनाया) with Actor Manoj Bajpayee. This movement by Nand Ghar is aimed at nourishing India’s future generation by ensuring holistic healthcare, quality nutrition and ensuring best-in-class preschool education for children.

Welcoming Manoj Bajpayee in joining this movement, Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta said, “Project Nand Ghar is a national movement that supports the overall well-being of children and women with a focus on health and nutrition. We are delighted that Manoj Bajpayee ji has extended his support to this growing movement. His personal life story deeply resonates with Nand Ghar’s cause to nourish and transform the lives of our future generations.”

In the heartwarming movement’s launch today, Manoj Bajpayee was seen narrating his personal journey as a young theatre actor and outlined the invaluable support of his friends in ensuring regular nutritious meals for him while pursuing the acting dream. Bajpayee poignantly describes an artist's struggle, acknowledging that the strength to pursue one’s dreams comes from a full stomach and wholesome food. Bajpayee further urged people to extend their support by visiting and to donate, volunteer or partner with Nand Ghar.

Enthused about his association with Nand Ghar, Mr. Manoj Bajpayee said, "As someone who has lived with hunger pangs, I understand the deep impact it can have on physical, mental and emotional well-being. That's why initiatives like Project Nand Ghar are so crucial. It not only ensures that children receive proper nutrition but also brings hope, opportunity, and a chance for a brighter future. Let's all join hands with the Nand Ghar movement to ensure that we nourish the potential of children, and together, prepare for a brighter India.”

Sharing his thoughts on the movement conceptualised by McCann, Mr. Prasoon Joshi, CEO & CCO at McCann Worldgroup India and Chairman, Asia Pacific said “If we want to give our children a genuine chance at realizing their true potential, then well-rounded nutrition is essential.  What better way to highlight this than to bring forth some of India’s most famous sons and daughters who have faced this hurdle in their journey.”

Nand Ghar is the flagship project of Anil Agarwal Foundation (AAF) and has been working towards ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry – a dream of Chairman Anil Agarwal. In a milestone moment for Nand Ghar, we have been successful in reducing malnutrition levels while increasing pre-schoolers’ attendance at Nand Ghars across 14 states in India. Last year, AAF also launched multi-millet nutri bars which are currently being distributed daily to 50,000 children between 3-6 years across 1364 Anganwadis in Varanasi. These bars, rich in protein, fibre, and antioxidants have not only improved the daily nutrient intake of children, but also, reduced absenteeism.

With credible voices joining the #KhaanaKhaayaKya movement, Nand Ghar is inviting citizens and like-minded organisations to partake in this journey of transformation. It is paving the way to realise the dream of a better tomorrow for our nation. 

About Nand Ghar:

Nand Ghar, a flagship social impact project under the Anil Agarwal Foundation, is a model project working towards strengthening the Anganwadi ecosystem of the country. The ~6000 Nand Ghars are the enabler of change and sustainable development with a presence in 14 states across India and currently impacting more than 2.25 lakh children and 1.7 lakh women. Set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MoWCD), Nand Ghars are modernized ‘Anganwadis’ working to eradicate malnutrition among children, provide pre-primary education, primary healthcare, and empower rural women through skill training. Nand Ghars, the state-of-the-art Anganwadis, aim to transform the lives of 7 crore children and 2 crore women across the 13.7 lakh Anganwadis across the country. Nand Ghars are equipped with solar panels to ensure 24x7 electricity, water purifiers, clean toilets, and smart television sets, and have become a model resource center for the local communities. Pre-school education is provided to children in the age group of 3-6 years. Nutritious meals, multi-millet nutri- bars and take-home rations are being provided for children and pregnant and lactating women. Primary healthcare services are rendered through mobile health vans and telemedicine services, and women are empowered through skilling and enterprise development.

About Anil Agarwal Foundation:

Anil Agarwal Foundation is the umbrella entity for Vedanta’s community and social initiatives. The focus areas of the Foundation are Healthcare, Women and Child development, Animal Welfare Projects, and Sports Initiatives. Anil Agarwal Foundation aims to empower communities, transform lives, and facilitate nation building through sustainable and inclusive growth. The Foundation has pledged Rs 5000 crore across five years on various social impact programs.

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