Bickram Ghosh and Metastar Media Unveil PLANETBICKRAM.IN: A Unique Metaverse for Music Enthusiasts

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 30: With the urge to break boundaries, go beyond just music, and embrace new technologies, Bickram Ghosh and Metastar Media are set to launch their collaboration, PLANETBICKRAM.IN, a first-of-its-kind fully immersive Metaverse platform for music lovers to engage and interact with Bickram’s art and legacy on October 27, 2023. One of the greatest exponents [...]

Oct 30, 2023 - 15:58
Bickram Ghosh and Metastar Media Unveil PLANETBICKRAM.IN: A Unique Metaverse for Music Enthusiasts
Bickram Ghosh and Metastar Media Unveil PLANETBICKRAM.IN: A Unique Metaverse for Music Enthusiasts

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Bickram Ghosh, the celebrated Indian music maestro, and Metastar Media are all set to introduce their groundbreaking collaboration, PLANETBICKRAM.IN, an immersive Metaverse platform designed for music aficionados. This pioneering platform will allow music lovers to engage and interact with Bickram's art and legacy, marking its official launch on October 27, 2023.

Bickram Ghosh, a distinguished figure in Indian music with numerous awards to his name, has made his mark in various musical genres, including Indian classical, fusion, and film scores.

Planet Bickram represents a revolutionary fusion of entertainment and gamification. Visitors will have the opportunity to virtually explore and interact with Bickram's virtual world from a first-person perspective, delving deep into his artistic heritage and engaging with a range of on-site features.

Reflecting on his partnership with Metastar Media, Bickram Ghosh expressed his excitement, saying, "I am thrilled and deeply honored to be the first Indian artist to have his own Artisteverse, an all-immersive metaverse platform dedicated to my art and legacy. This breakthrough in fan engagement is not only a significant step for all artists but especially for me. Planet Bickram is a representation of my own space – a detailed virtual replica of my studio and lounge. Music enthusiasts can explore my music, life, and artistic journey, including untold stories and anecdotes related to every award, album, and concert. Fans will gain exclusive access to Fan tokens, new merchandise, my signature line of instruments and accessories, and of course, new music. I invite you all to visit, and I assure you that once you step into my Artisteverse, you will be captivated. I am incredibly excited and eagerly await sharing this project with my fans in India and across the globe."

Planet Bickram is a component of Metastar Media's Artisteverse, accessible on all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and VR headsets. This unique platform serves as a comprehensive destination for fans, offering an immersive experience featuring interactive displays of the artist's instruments, posters, awards, a line of merchandise and accessories, a Karaoke Recording Studio, an NFT marketplace for exclusive fan tokens, exclusive music, and more.

Co-founder of Metastar Media, Shatadru Sarkar, remarked, "I've had the privilege of working with Bickramda in the past. He is a true pioneer in every sense, and we are delighted to collaborate on this groundbreaking project. Planet Bickram represents our commitment to creating innovative and immersive experiences for artists and music enthusiasts. We believe that the Artisteverse has the potential to revolutionize fan engagement and monetization, and we are excited to lead this movement."

Metastar Media Pvt. Ltd. is a rising star in the music industry, setting new standards with its innovative approach to artist and fan engagement. Established in 2022 by music industry veteran Shatadru Sarkar and a team of experienced technologists, Metastar leverages cutting-edge immersive technologies and blockchain advancements to establish a more artist-centric and prosperous ecosystem for independent musicians, labels, and their fans.

Metastar Media is poised to make a significant impact on the music industry. Their artist-centric ecosystem empowers artists and fans in fresh and inventive ways. ARTISTEVERSE provides artists with a robust platform to directly share and monetize their work with their fan base, while AURIONSPHERE offers fans an avatar-based immersive and engaging concert experience within the metaverse.

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