Vikramjeet Virk's 'Mera baba nanak' hit theatres today

May 20, 2023 - 14:43
Vikramjeet Virk's 'Mera baba nanak' hit theatres today
Vikramjeet Virk's 'Mera baba nanak' hit theatres today

The highly anticipated  Vikramjeet Virk's movie, "Mera Baba Nanak," has released today and offering a glimpse into the inspiring story of faith and devotion that the film promises to deliver. Vikramjeet Virk, who is both a producer and an actor in the film, showcases his multifaceted talent in the Indian film industry with this project.

Vikramjeet Virk is a well-known name in Bollywood, Pollywood, and Tollywood, with a fan base that has grown steadily over the years. He has appeared in several hit films, demonstrating his versatile acting skills and dedication to his craft. His ability to work with some of the best talents in the industry was showcased in the film "Drive," in which he shared the screen with the late Sushant Singh Rajput.

The movie "Mera Baba Nanak" in honor of the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Released and people started praising the efforts of Vikramjeet Virk's perfomance and for producing this kind of film in this Era. The film promises to connect the audience with faith and touch their hearts through a religious perspective.

On the very first day the  movie has already received a lot of love from the public, with heartwarming comments pouring in.

Produced by Dream Pictures Entertainment and co-produced by Vikramjeet Virk Films, "Mera Baba Nanak" is directed by Amanmeet Singh. The  movie gives the glimpse into the inspiring story that gripped the audiences, Fans can look forward to experiencing the film's like this which has a  message of faith and devotion.

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