Residents' work boycott from today; Rally from SMS Medical College to Trimurti Circle

Residents' work boycott from today: rally from SMS Medical College to Trimurti Circle

Oct 6, 2022 - 19:34
Residents' work boycott from today; Rally from SMS Medical College to Trimurti Circle

Resident doctors today boycotted the OPD at SMM Medical College and its affiliated hospitals in Jaipur. A group of doctors from the medical college took out a rally and demonstrated against the government. Here the doctors raised slogans and warned the government that if their demands were not heard, they would boycott the work emergency, ICU and labour room apart from OPD. Here, due to the non-availability of residents, patients also had to suffer in SMS.
Resident Doctors Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors (JARD), protesting against other demands including amendment in the new bond policy, today protested by boycotting the OPD completely. Due to this, patients in the Dhanwantri OPD block faced some trouble today. However, these service doctors had taken over the command of the OPD. The patients coming to the OPD had the most difficulty in getting the test slip.
A group of resident doctors, who went on strike for their demands, today took out a rally from Medical College via Trimurti Circle to SMS Hospital and raised slogans against the government. JARD President Dr. Nijer Damor said that we have been demonstrating peacefully for a long time for our demands, but the government is not listening to us. Because of this, we have been forced to boycott the OPD today. We have kept emergency, labour room and ICU service away from the strike so that serious and emergency patients do not face any problems, he said. Here our team is providing continuous service.
The bond policy issued by the government in July is the root cause of opposition from resident doctors. Residents allege that the bond policy issued by the government has been done so hastily and with opacity that it is causing harm to the PG doctors. Apart from this, even after the release of the bond policy by the government, the appointment of candidates to the posts of SR in all medical colleges of Rajasthan without any transparent process is corruption and rigging. The doctors have demanded that the resident doctors should get equal opportunities in this bond policy and a committee should be constituted to rectify the discrepancies in the policy and prepare a framework.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer