Dussehra celebrated in more than 100 cities of America

Dussehra celebrated in more than 100 cities of America: Governments are funding, October has been declared Hindu heritage month in 40 cities

Oct 2, 2022 - 11:51
Dussehra celebrated in more than 100 cities of America

For the first time, Dussehra is being celebrated in more than 100 cities in America. As the population of Indians is increasing in other countries of the world, Indian festivals are also celebrated there with pomp. Ramlila is being organized in almost every major city in America. Earlier effigies of Ravana were imported from India, but now effigies are being made in America as well.
Nearly half of US states and 40 cities have declared October Hindu Heritage Month. This time important festivals like Navratri, Dussehra, Durga Puja and Diwali are falling in this month. In view of the contribution of Hindus living in America to the development there, many states have taken this decision.
Chanchal Gupta, the chairperson of the Indo-Asian Festival Group, says, "Our children born in America do not know who Ram and Sita were. We want to introduce our future generations to our culture. That's why your festivals are organized. Indian festivals are being celebrated on a large scale in America. State and city governments have started funding them.
Many companies are also sponsoring these festivals. New Jersey Dussehra is financed by the state government's Department of Culture. New York Life Insurance Company, Holiday in and ICICI Bank are also providing financial help. Cities and states like Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are also providing financial support for Dussehra celebrations. Celebrated in New Jersey, Dussehra is the biggest in the country.
The largest population of American Indians lives here. This time this Dussehra was organized on October 1 at Papayani Park from 1 am to 8 pm. Along with Ramlila, other cultural programs were also organized here. Here Meena Bazar was established on the lines of Delhi.
Dussehra will be held in New Jersey on 8 October and New York on 9 October. Krishna Singhal, an artist who made effigies of Ravana in America, says, "This time I made 6 effigies of Ravana. Earlier it used to make only 1.
The props for Ramlila are prepared in America itself, but the costumes are brought from India. Varsha Nayak, who choreographed Ramlila, says, "The audience of Ramlila is increasing every year. People come to see the Leela after travelling for hours. Therefore, preparation has to be done accordingly. Rehearsals go on for weeks and weeks. Have to travel to India many times. So the preparation starts 8 months in advance.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer