Ukrainian women in panic from civilians returning from war

Ukrainian women in panic from civilians returning from war: considering wife as enemies, even trying to kill family

Mar 17, 2023 - 09:13
Ukrainian women in panic from civilians returning from war

Women are terrorized by the 'citizens' of Ukraine who have returned months after the war, and took up arms to defend the country. They are in shock. Even after returning home, war and attacks are on his mind. Sometimes wife and family are seen as enemies.
These people who were in some other profession had gone to the front because of the war. Now that he has returned, due to mental imbalance, he attacks the family members only. Wilena Kit, a psychologist working with these soldiers, says – soldiers are having PTSD i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They are harming themselves and their family.
Domestic violence escalated in Ukraine following Russia's invasion. As the tension increased, violence against women also increased. Domestic violence multiplied as soon as February 2022 struck. For this, a separate helpline number had to be started. Record calls came in August 2022. After the war, the women of Ukraine are most troubled by domestic violence, which was not even considered a crime here until 2019.
Shelter homes in Ukraine house thousands of women who have fled their male partners. 32-year-old Maria's neck bone is broken. Her male companion suddenly attacked her one night while she was sleeping. Tried to kill him by strangulation. Maria says- The war has ruined their mutual relations too. Before the war, his male friend had never committed any violence.
Marta Vasalkiv, head of the anti-domestic violence squad of the Ukrainian police, says – one day the war will end, but domestic violence will be at a terrible level. Citizens who have wielded weapons and seen bloodshed will not be mentally stable. They will not be able to be comfortable with the people around them. People have weapons in their hands, it will take years to get them back. Special training has started to deal with this.
Oksana says- My husband considers me an enemy. He tried to kill me twice. They sit in the kitchen and threaten me in various ways to kill me. When I asked the army officers to take them back, they refused. They said it would pose a danger to other soldiers. He talked about being able to do any help only after the war. The police told him to manage by calling him a war hero.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer