Tantric raped mother-in-law of jeweller's family

Tantric raped mother-in-law of jeweller's family: Obscene act in the room by showing fear of ghosts, 20 lakh rupees were also stolen

Sep 12, 2022 - 10:47
Tantric raped mother-in-law of jeweller's family

In Jaipur, a case of rape of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has come to the fore in the name of tantra-mantra and worship. The accused Tantrik made the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law nude in the worship, showing the shadow of ghosts and the fear of death of the family member. Then made obscene photo videos. After this, blackmailed and raped both women for three years.
The accused also snatched cash and jewelry of around Rs 20 lakh from both of them. Finally, fed up, the mother-in-law filed a case against the Tantrik at Bhankrota police station. The police have started the investigation of the case by getting both the medicals done.
SHO Ravindra Pratap Singh said that the mother-in-law of the Bhankrota resident jeweller family has filed a case of rape. The 50-year-old woman told in the report that her health had deteriorated about 4 years ago. She used to go to the medical store in Bhankrota to get medicines. He met Jayendra (27) at the medical store. Started talking to Jayendra. After a few days, during the conversation, the accused Jayendra told him that there is a shadow of ghosts in his house. You have to get him treated.
She got scared after hearing about the presence of ghosts in the house. On being asked to solve the problem, accused Jayendra said- 'I am a Tantrik. I am a devotee of Mother. I'll make everything right. The accused Jayendra started commuting at home on the pretext of doing tantric worship. To do tantric worship, the worship material and ghee were ordered and kept.
She was alone at home on 1 December 2018. Accused Jayendra came home to perform tantric puja. Prepared the worship and said - Mother's order is that worship will have to be done naked. On the woman's refusal, she said that if you do not worship with this method, then your younger son will die. She got scared after hearing about the death of a family member after the shadow of the ghost.
Out of fear, she sat down in the worship as told by the alleged Tantrik. After sitting in the worship, asked to close eyes and refused to open them until he spoke. Asking to be the mother's order, started doing wrong things to him. In protest, he silenced him by showing obscene photo videos made by him on mobile. Out of fear, he also did not tell anyone about it.
After which Jayendra started visiting the house continuously. Showing the fear of raw Kalawa, he started worshiping again and again. He would also take 10 thousand rupees for every puja. He also raped her by blackmailing her with obscene photo videos on mobile. On 21 April 2021, the accused Jayendra raped her by blackmailing her.
Asked for money by threatening to make obscene photo-videos viral. To save respect, 4 lakhs from the son's shop and 2 lakhs were given to him after asking the servant. Even after that, he stole 4.20 lakh cash and gold and silver ornaments by blackmailing him several times.
The intention of the accused also deteriorated on the 25-year-old daughter-in-law while commuting home for tantric worship. During the Tantric worship in the house, the daughter-in-law was made to sit. Gave something to the daughter-in-law to drink during the worship. The daughter-in-law fainted due to the presence of intoxicants in her. While unconscious, the accused raped her. During the rape, made obscene photo videos. Fearing ghosts and threatening to make obscene photo videos, he also started blackmailing him.
The accused is blackmailing both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for the last three years. The fear of ghosts, raw kalawa and the death of a family member is instilled in both. Both the mother-in-law kept raping the mother-in-law by creating an atmosphere of indecent clipping and fear. During the crime, more than 20 lakh of cash and jewelry were stolen from the mother-in-law. After all, getting upset, the mother-in-law gave a complaint to the Bhankrota police station on 3 September. After this, the police registered the report and took the statement of the victim on Saturday and started an investigation.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer