Rules, including SIM card and UPI ID, will change from today, will directly affect your pocket

New Rules from December 2023: From the first of December, many rules are being changed including SIM card, life certificate, UPI ID, and Regalia Credit Card. This will have a direct impact on the common man's pocket.

Dec 1, 2023 - 09:42
Rules, including SIM card and UPI ID, will change from today, will directly affect your pocket

Many small and big rules change on the first day of every month. Its direct impact falls on the pocket of the common man. The last month of the year, December, is starting from today. Many changes are taking place in this month also. Many new changes and rules are coming into effect from the first of December. In this, many rules are being changed including SIM cards, life certificates, UPI IDs, and Regalia Credit Card. All this is going to affect both your pocket and life. So let us know which rules are going to change from today i.e. from December 1st.

New rules related to buying and selling of SIM cards are coming into effect in the country from the first of December. Earlier buying and selling SIMs was very easy. But now the rules have been made strict. Earlier people used to buy multiple SIMs together on one ID, but now from December 1, they will be able to buy only a limited number of SIMs on one ID. Apart from this, it has become mandatory for SIM card sellers to complete the KYC process before registering and joining the system.

UPI ID is going to be closed from December. National Payment Corporation of India has directed all the payment apps whose UPI ID has not been active for the last year to be closed immediately. This order has come into effect from December 1, 2023. Inward transactions will not be possible on such IDs, meaning funds will not be received, but payments will be possible.

There has also been a big change related to pensions. Retired citizens above 80 years of age had to submit their life certificates by 30 November. If he has not done so, his pension will be stopped. However, the certificate can be submitted before 31st October next year. After this the pension will be restarted and the arrears will also be received.

According to the new rules of RBI, if a customer has completed all the paper work by submitting all the necessary documents for the loan to the bank. Even after this, if the bank is taking time in returning his papers, then the bank will also have to pay penalty. This rule is going to come into effect from December 1st.

HDFC Bank has changed some rules in its Regalia Credit Card. In this, the limit of expenses for lounge access has been increased. Now to access the lounge, users will have to spend at least Rs 1 lakh in a quarter. Apart from this, to claim the voucher, it has been made mandatory for the user to go to Smart By Pay and Lounge Benefit and submit the claim.

On the first of every month, petroleum companies change the prices of LPG gas cylinders. On November 1 also, it had increased the price of commercial gas by 19 kg. Domestic gas prices have been stable for the last few months.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer