Kashvi recorded her name in the India Book of Records

Kashvi recorded her name in the India Book of Records: blindfolded, first reading a book and then filling a picture with colours

Mar 21, 2023 - 11:31
Kashvi recorded her name in the India Book of Records

9-year-old Kashvi, a resident of Sirsi, Jaipur, has recently registered her name in the India Book of Records. Kashvi has mastered everything from reading a book after blindfolding to colouring and sketching in minute detail. Seeing Kashvi doing this feat once in a while, everyone wonders how it is possible. Kashvi was not only blindfolded but wearing the blindfold first read the book and then also filled the colour in a picture with precision.
Kashvi's father Rahul Pareek told that he took the help of a coach to make his daughter successful in this field. Kashvi was first taught to concentrate and then the art of recognizing and knowing things was also taught by focusing on the focal point of the brain. Apart from sketching, painting and colouring, Kashvi does reading by being blindfolded. Even in the dark, it tells the colour of the clothes a person is wearing. Kashvi's family is also very happy about her success. All the family members prepared Kashvi mentally for this and worked equally hard.
Kashvi's grandfather Prahlad Sahai gets emotional while mentioning this success. He says that he is very proud of his granddaughter's success. Prahlad Sahay says that we had sent Kashvi to the coach with the aim of teaching something out of the box and she learned this art in a very short time. According to Kashvi, it took her about 2 months to learn the art of recognizing and understanding things through a blindfold. After this, Kashvi also applied for the Asia Book of Records. From where soon they are going to receive the message of authenticity?
In blindfold, first of all, it is necessary for any person to be mentally strong. In this method, after keeping cotton on the eye, a bandage is tied tightly, so that darkness becomes effective on the eyes of any person. After this, the blindfolded person has to concentrate on the central part of his brain. Through which, through the conscious part on the frontal part, the activities of the external part and the atmosphere are perceived. For this, there are usually 90 days of training sessions. Where one has to practice for about 4 hours daily. Retaining the ability to recognize and act on external objects through the blindfold requires regular practice.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer