IPL 2023: PBKS Skipper Shikhar Dhawan Becomes Angry Following Loss To DC

May 18, 2023 - 15:39
IPL 2023: PBKS Skipper Shikhar Dhawan Becomes Angry Following Loss To DC
IPL 2023: PBKS Skipper Shikhar Dhawan Becomes Angry Following Loss To DC

Shikhar Dhawan, the captain of Punjab Kings, described himself as "frustrated" after Delhi Capitals delivered a severe setback to the team's ambitions of qualifying for the IPL 2023 play-offs on Wednesday in Dharamsala. 

The 15-run loss to Delhi Capitals has all but ruined PBKS' ambitions in this year's competition, and the former stand-in captain for India blamed several questionable choices he made, notably the 20th-over usage of left-arm spinner Harpeet Brar.



Despite a heroic effort by England batsman Liam Livingstone of PBKS, who slammed a 48-ball 94 before being out on the penultimate ball, Delhi Capitals managed to register an above-average 213/2 and then limit PBKS to 198/8.




The first six overs were difficult, but I don't believe we bowled effectively. Given how the ball was flowing, we ought to have got some wickets, according to Dhawan, whose bowlers enabled Shikhar Dhawan, who was out of form, and David Warner, the captain of the Delhi Capitals, to put together a 94-run partnership.


Shikhar said that his choice to give left-arm spinner Brar the last over backfired since he ultimately gave up 23 runs, including two wides.


Even my choice to bowl a spinner (Brar) in the last over failed. Additionally, before to that, during the powerplay, the fast bowlers did not pitch the ball high. Although that was the plan, we didn't carry it out. It is causing us harm. 


He also said that one key contributing element to the team's probable unsuccessful season was his bowlers' failure to stop the runs during powerplays.


Every powerplay, he said, "we give 50–60 runs without taking wickets."


The captain of Delhi Capitals also said he was dissatisfied with the almost half-dozen catches his fielders missed, which allowed PBKS to battle back and had him on edge till the very last over.


"The team didn't play well, but we'll take the victory anyhow. Although we won the toss, our batter was fluid. Your home venue should be consistent, the Australian stated.

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