Youth going to temple to get job in China: 310% more people reached temple in one year

Youth going to the temple to get job in China: 310% more people reached temple in one year, 1.16 crore graduates unemployed after Corona

Apr 27, 2023 - 18:07
Youth going to temple to get job in China: 310% more people reached temple in one year

Compared to 2022 in China, the number of people visiting the temple has increased by 310%. According to Reuters, most of these people are those who were born after 1990. This means that most of the youth in China are turning to temples. The biggest reason for this is said to be a lack of jobs.
Actually, the economy has become sluggish after Corona in China. About 11.58 million i.e. 1.16 crore graduates are unemployed in China since the lockdown was lifted. The reason for this is Jinping's Zero Kovid policy as well as all the restrictions being imposed on the technology and education sector. Youth in China are visiting temples in the hope of peace amid job shortages.
A record one-fifth of China's well-educated youth are currently struggling with unemployment. Unemployment among urban people aged 16 to 24 in China stood at 18.1% in February, according to the Statistics Bureau. It increased sharply to 19.6% in March. And last July the unemployment rate reached a record high of 19.9%.
According to media reports, in the year 2021, more than 70 thousand master's degree holders in China had done the work of distributing food amidst the lack of jobs.
Chinese authorities want to improve this situation in any case, which is a matter of biggest concern. In 2022, there were 11 million job opportunities in China. This target has been kept at 1 crore 20 lacks for this year. The officials are trying to create 10 lack more job opportunities this year as compared to last year.
The economy is improving in China since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in December last year, but low-wage jobs are still being offered in the catering and travel industries. This is because these sectors are still yet to recover from the impact of Covid. In such a situation, only a bad salary is being given for low-skill jobs. On the other hand, the youth who have done graduation and post-graduation are keeping their distance from these jobs on the basis of their ability.
Amidst the lack of jobs, some memes are also becoming increasingly viral on social media in China. In this, Chinese youth are associating themselves with the 100-year-old character Kong Yiji. Kong is the main character of a short story published in 1919. It was included by the famous author Lu Xun in his collection Call to Arms.
Through this meme, the youth are making fun of their degree and are blaming the government for unemployment. He says that he is dependent on scholars to get a job according to his degree. Seeing the growing anger among the youth, China has banned these memes including the Kong Yiji hashtag.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer