Wife imprisoned for 9 years, court sentenced

Wife imprisoned for 9 years, the court sentenced: Woman sold three times in China, kept in chains like animals

Apr 8, 2023 - 09:53
Wife imprisoned for 9 years, court sentenced

A court in China announced the sentence on Friday in a high-profile trafficking case involving a woman being chained up. Six people, including the woman's husband, were sentenced to jail terms ranging from 8 to 13 years on different charges.
This whole matter came to light in 2022 from a video of a vlogger. When he found a woman in Fengxian, a remote area of China, whose neck was tied with a chain. After the video went viral, the people of China demanded justice for the woman.
Last year, when a video of the captured woman went viral, a debate on women trafficking in China started. It was believed that the father of the accused husband Dong had bought the woman from a smuggler.
However, initially, the local police denied that the whole incident was related to women's trafficking. Then when it became a big issue on social media, the proper investigation started. After the investigation went on for almost a year, the court gave its verdict.
According to the BBC report, the court has given information related to the whole life of the woman whose name is Xiao Humei in the decision. The court said that in 1998 when the woman was a teenager, she was kidnapped from her home in Yunnan Province.
After this, he was sold to a farmer in Donghai Province for $600 i.e. Rs 49,000. A year later, in 1999, the woman was again sold to a couple. The woman was sold to him a third time when the couple came in contact with Dong's father again.
During the verdict, the judges noted that the woman was capable of taking care of herself by the time she was sold to Dong's family. Used to talk to people properly. The court told that Dong and his family tortured the woman. She was forced to give birth to 8 children.
The court told that after the birth of the third child, Xiao Huamei's mental condition started deteriorating. He had schizophrenia. That is, she started hearing voices and seeing strange faces, yet her husband forcibly had sex with her.
Dong increased his excesses on him. In 2017, Dong confined her to a room away from the family. In which there was neither electricity nor water. The woman was not even given food. Judge Yao Hui said that Dong never got his wife treated by a doctor. Make relations with the woman despite her deteriorating condition.
According to the BBC, when the court announced its verdict on Friday, it received 100 million hits on Chinese social media in an hour. Most of the users objected to the accused getting less punishment. One user wrote – This is the only punishment for ruining someone's whole life.
On the other hand, another user wrote that her whole life was ruined and her husband would get only 9 years of punishment. Social activists are demanding that the punishment for smuggling be increased to more than 10 years. Xiao Huamei was taken out of Dong's home last year and sent to the medical ward for treatment. His treatment is still going on.

Muskan Kumawat Journalist & Writer