Sweden's Carl Gustaf M4 weapons to be made in India

Sweden's Carl Gustaf M4 weapon to be made in India: can hit the target 1.5 km away, production will start in 2024

Sep 30, 2022 - 00:07
Sweden's Carl Gustaf M4 weapons to be made in India

Swedish company Saab (SAAB) will now make its most popular rifle in India of Carl-Gustaf M4 Recoilless. The company announced this on 27 September. Said- We want to increase production. So Saab will manufacture the Carl-Gustaf M4 Weapon System in India.
Saab's factory in India will start production in 2024 and the first product will also be ready in 2024 itself. The company's senior vice president, Gorgen Johansson, said - the factory will not only manufacture weapons but also equipment for other weapons used in the world. The amount of investment the company will make for the new factory has not been given. The special thing is that the Carl-Gustaf M4 will be made outside Sweden for the first time in any other country.
The Karl-Gustaf M4 Recoilless is a rifle. It is being used by the Indian Army since 1976. Indian Army personnel have Carl-Gustaf's M2 and M3 models at almost every forward post in India on the LAC. In the last few years, the interest of armies around the world has increased in Carl-Gustaf. After the Russo-Ukraine war, its demand increased in many countries. Due to this, the company was considering increasing its production for a long time.
There are four versions of this weapon. This includes M1, M2, M3 and M4. The M1 was made in 1946, the M2 in 1964, the M3 in 1986 and the Carl Gustaf M4 in 2014. India has M1, M2, and M3 versions of this weapon.
The Carl-Gustaf system is a weapon that is fired on the shoulder. It can target the enemy up to 1500 meters i.e. a distance of one and a half kilometres. Not only this, it can destroy armoured vehicles. This weapon can hit the target accurately. Having this weapon with the soldier means that they have a complete system, which proves to be very helpful in defeating enemies and completing targets.
This weapon system is equipped with fingerprint technology. The programming of the Carl-Gustaf M4 is very meticulous. Keeping in mind the safety of the soldier, it has been equipped with an advanced fire control system. The Carl Gustaf M4 is one of the world's most advanced rocket launchers. It is 37 inches long and weighs 6.6 kg. It requires 2 soldiers to operate, the first gunner and the second loader. With this 6 rounds can be fired in a minute.
If we talk about speed, then after being fired from the launcher, its shells grow at a speed of 840 feet per second. The range is 1000 meters if smoke and high-explosive shells are used. At the same time, if the rocket-boosted laser-guided weapon fires, then the bullet is fired up to 2000 meters.
The new factory to be set up in India will also produce weapon systems for the Indian Air Force. Along with this, it will also send components around the world. FFV India Private Limited will operate as a subsidiary of Saab in India. It will have the responsibility of manufacturing near it. All the operations will be done under 'Make in India' and this will also provide employment.

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