Roger Federer Pinky Promise To Zizou; Surprise to the little fan

Federer's surprise to the little fan: He had asked- Will he play for 8-9 years? I want to play with you Tennis star called Zurich and played a match

Aug 9, 2022 - 18:39
Roger Federer Pinky Promise To Zizou; Surprise to the little fan
Roger Federer Pinky Promise To Zizou; Surprise to the little fan

The happiness of 11-year-old Izyan Ahmed (Zizou) knew no bounds then. When he saw the legendary tennis star Roger Federer as a rival in front of him on the court.
They were called for a training program in Zurich, but behind this training program was the Pinky Promise of 5 years ago. Which Roger Federer did to Ijen.

Federer has now fulfilled that promise. The Swiss star called his fan and his coach to Zurich for the training program. Made them sit together...sent a lady and got them to say that she is his (Zizou's) big fan. The lady also posed for a selfie with him. Lady brought Federer's little fan to the court and played a friendly match with him. Not only this, but he also had a pizza party with him.

A video of this entire incident sequence has been posted on social media. Fans are very fond of it. In this, movements from Zizou's questions in the press conference to Federer's pizza party were shown.

During an event in 2017, 6-year-old Zizou asked the tennis star, 'Can he continue playing tennis for 8-9 years, so that I too become a professional tennis player and play a match with you.'
Roger started laughing at the question of the little fans and said yes. On this Zizou asked – is this Pinky Promise?, Federer replied – Yes, it is Pinky Promise.

Swiss tennis star Federer is battling an injury. He has not been able to return to the tennis court due to continuous injury. It was believed that he might return from Wimbledon. but that did not happen. Now he can return to the Laver Cup in September. In such a situation, speculations are also being made about his retirement.

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