Kumud Mishra said on doing an intimate scene with Kajol in 'Lust Stories 2' - 'Our bonding was good'

Kumud Mishra Lust Stories 2: Netflix's anthology film Lust Stories 2 was in discussion this time for its star cast. Kajol played the lead role opposite Kumud Mishra in one of the film's stories. This story was directed by Amit Rabindranath Sharma.

Jul 13, 2023 - 17:35
Kumud Mishra said on doing an intimate scene with Kajol in 'Lust Stories 2' - 'Our bonding was good'

Kumud Mishra is one of the seasoned actors of Bollywood. He may do a small role in the film but leaves his mark. Kumud was seen in the lead role alongside Kajol in a story in the recently released anthology film Lust Stories-2.
Kajol and Kumud Mishra got a lot of praise for this. The intimate scenes shot on both were also in discussion. Now Kumud Mishra's reaction has come to the fore. He said that we did not face any problems in doing intimate scenes. There was a good bonding between me and Kajol from day one.
In a conversation with BollywoodLife, Kumud said that how Kajol gets into the character is worth watching. She is the kind of actress who easily puts her co-actors at ease.
Earlier, Kajol had also spoken about the on-screen female pleasure. In a chat, Kajol had said that there was a lot of openness in earlier times. We have been told about it in many texts too, but the intervening time was such that we stopped talking about it. But in the end, we have to talk openly on this subject, it has to be made regular again.
Kumud Mishra also praised director Amit Rabindranath Sharma. Kumud plays the role of an alcoholic and violent husband in the film. This role was very intense and dark. Kumud told that initially, I was worried about my character and some scenes, but because of Amit I was able to do them and today the results are in front of you all.
Amit Rabindranath Sharma directed the fourth story 'Tilchatta' of the anthology film 'Lust Stories-2'. In this, Kajol played the role of Devyani, who is a housewife. Earlier she used to do prostitution. Kumud Mishra plays Kajol's husband Sooraj in the film, whose paternal grandfather was a king.
Suraj is a drunkard who has lost most of his wealth, yet considers himself no less than a king. He constantly reminds his wife that she used to be a prostitute. Along with this, he also beats and coerces her. In the film, Devyani devises a plan to get rid of Suraj, but the result ruins her life.

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